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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Let's Discuss Mercury Retrograde for what it Really is.

Happy New Year Magickal Reader!!

Well, what a way to start the New Year, by going into Mercury retrograde! Lovely isn't it? No need to worry, because by looking at Mercury Retrograde for what it really is, we can get through this together.  And much of it is simply perception.

Mercury is a planet and the planet closest to the Sun. It has the shortest orbit around the Sun. Three or four times a year when Mercury passes Earth on it's orbit it appears to slow down and looks to go backwards. It isn't going backwards of course, it just appears that way to the eye. In history Mercury the God was the messenger, delivering communication. And he is also the ruler of financial commerce, travel, eloquence in speech, travel, divination, truth, trickery and thieves.

All of these areas can get a bit messed up during Mercury's backwards trek, and affects us in the following ways:

Computer generated communication can get messed up. This includes any devices such as cell phones, tablets, IPods, and the like. Things like, very slow, choppy connections, sent messages that don't get delivered, computers crashing and needing re-booting, lost material (be sure to back up all important documents, emails and other written material.) Haha no coincidences! As I just finished writing this last paragraph, my computer connection broke down and I had to re-boot.

 To deal with the above possible difficulties, be sure to again back up your information, give yourself plenty of time to finish reports or other tasks on the computer, so you won't be late. And most importantly, be patient. You phone may start acting wonky, you'll miss calls, calls may go straight to voicemail, and other weirdness's may appear on or while using your phone.

Other areas that may be affected are travel. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get places, be patient when you find yourself in traffic jams and long lines. Make sure you keep your car gassed up, have your car looked over by a mechanic before you take long trips and be sure your tires and battery are newer than older. Also since we're in the midst of winter, here in Southern New England, be sure to have a blanket, cell phone charger, protein bars, bottles of water, small shovel and small bag of sand or kitty litter to help you get out of a stuck in the snow situation. Always carry your cell phone with you and always let someone know your travel plans.

Be aware that communication, one to one, can often get really screwed up. You'll say something in perfect innocence and it will be misunderstood, and misconstrued, causing all sorts of strife! Try to be as clear and simply worded as possible. The less wordy you are, the less chance for misunderstandings. If misunderstandings occur just apologize and be the bigger person. Things can be smoothed over with your handling of the situation rather than letting it fester and grow bigger than it needs to be.

Be very careful watching over your finances, your banking records and any firms, banks or organizations that handle your money for you. Keep all records, receipts and documents in regards to your finances and be very careful about any monetary transactions that occur during this time frame. Also be aware of simple monetary transactions like cash transactions at the convenience store, or super market. Make sure you get the right change back and be doubly sure you know you are in a safe place when using debit or credit cards.        

Be careful to  keep your doors locked and possessions safe. Mercury governs thieves, and during Mercury Retrograde things go better for thieves rather than becoming more difficult. Thieves are more successful and things taken during this time are seldom recovered. If things are stolen, know they are gone for good and don't stress. There's nothing that can be done, but do be sure to file a police report.

Most of all, during the phase of Mercury in Retrograde try not to become a victim. Not everything that happens is because of Mercury Retrograde. Mistakes happen, things get broken and everyone has a bad day, but somethings happen completely on their own. Blaming everything on M.R. won't help matters. Be aware that we create our reality and being responsible for what we create is a big part of living a magickal life.

Good News, Mercury Retrograde is over on January 26th, 2016.  And it will only happen another three times during this year. But being prepared will make the situation much easier to deal with.
Happy January!

Peace and Happiness

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