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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, January 25, 2016

Worried About Picking up Unwanted Energy? Let's Discuss

Good Snowy Afternoon,

Well, winter has finally blown in to take it's throne here in Southern New England. Many people take time during the winter months to clean and clear out a lot of unwanted stuff destined for tag sale tables and second hand consignment and thrift stores. But, if you are a magickal person, and as such have a developed sense of physic awareness and can sense the energy of an object, these places can be difficult to visit.

Many items that have been closely used by a person over a considerable amount of time will become imbued with that person's energy. Now, let me be clear about one thing. Just picking an object up, holding it for a few minutes or so will not flood the object with energies that can be detected. Likewise new items that have come from a factory, are shipped and un-boxed to be put in the showcase of your friendly neighborhood witch shop, also has little to no discernable energy.

I normally do not buy or even browse in an antique store, or consignment shop. But, if you are fond of finding good deals of previously used items, here's an idea of things that retain a certain level of energy imprints for you to consider. Clothing (that has been worn more than once) along with items made of cloth, dolls, stuffed animals, upholstered furniture, blankets, throws, decorative pillows all retain a high energy imprint.  Previously worn shoes are loaded with the previous owners energies! Never wear pre-owned shoes!!  Having these item around you can easily leak their previous owners energy onto you and into your life. You can pick up energies such as depression, unhappiness, anger, stress, chaotic thoughts, scattered thoughts, sadness, excitement, even extreme happiness and joy. Of course, if the latter occurs, it may not be an unwanted thing.

Items made from wood,metal, bone, ceramic or stone also retain an energy imprint, if owned for a long time and handled frequently. Especially furniture, that is often sat in, used as in a table for meals, or slept in, as in a bed or couch, sofa, these pieces will retain energy that can be felt by others. It is up to the person in question if they find the energies pleasant and wanted or disturbing and unwanted.

I have found in my experience, and with my heightened sense of  feeling energy imprints, that there is one type of item to be found in antique shops, tag sales or consignment shops that retains very little energy, and that is decorative glassware. I have collected decorative glassware, objects d' art, myself. The very nature of a piece of pretty glass lends it to absorb very little energy over the years. Firstly, glass is made by melting it in extremely high heat and when it hardens and cools it is non porous and very clean of energies, having been 'sterilized' by the glass making process. Unlike a piece of wood that is hand carved, or created by a carpenter who sands, rubs, stains and polishes lending their energy to the piece, glass is not handled by hand during the creation process because it is too hot. When it has cooled, a pretty piece of glass is often placed for viewing pleasure and seldom handled due to the risk of breakage. I have found very old glass with very little residual energy attached. Collecting old decorative glass is probably the least risky business when considering energy imprints.
Legendarily cursed Hope Diamond 

One of the most heavily energy imprinted objects one can buy or acquire is jewelry. Jewelry is worn close to the body and at times favorite pieces are seldom removed and are often touched or caressed while being worn.  Many times there are strong emotional, sentimental feelings associated with a piece of jewelry that also imprints on the piece. Pre-owned jewelry is probably the one item of pre-owned artifacts I would never own. Historically, famous pieces have been passed down or sold throughout history with legendary curses attached and bad luck or other maladies befalling the latest owners. Interestingly so, when these items become property of a public museum, the bad energy seems to become frozen and no longer wrecks havoc.

So, the importance to be taken from this discussion is to be very careful when purchasing something that has been previously owned by another. Rarely, but in addition to bringing unwanted energies into your home you could be very unlucky and bring an actual ghost that for some reason has attached itself to a piece previously owned. The ghost itself may be the previous owner. Historically when this happens it seems almost impossible to cleanse the item of the attached spirit. The only thing that can be done is to remove the item from your home and spiritually cleanse and bless the home completely.

The very best thing is to buy new, MOST especially any magickal tools, supplies, items for your altar or magickal room.  There are a lot of pre-owned magickal tools and supplies often sold on EBay and the Internet and at psychic fairs, and I wouldn't touch any of them with a ten foot wand!  You will, quite literally, be bringing into your magickal practice and circle the energy of others, that you don't know and do not know how friendly those energies are. Best to be very careful when choosing your magickal tools and supplies. It is also easier to imbue your magickal energy into a tool without having anyone else's energy interfering with your own.

When buying new tool or piece of furniture, it never hurts to smudge it with a sage smudge stick just to be sure it is sacredly cleansed and ready for your energy.  

Peace and Happiness

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