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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Using Sympathetic Magicks to Start Your New Year off Right

Good Afternoon,

The New Year will soon be upon us and I am often asked what can be done magickally to mark this special time of the year.  This time of the year is especially good for utilizing sympathetic magicks. What I mean by sympathetic magick, is when you do something magickally that will mimic or mirror the same energy back to you. Remember what we send out returns threefold, when done magickally.

For instance, to bring abundance and plenty into your home during the next, upcoming year it is good to have fresh loaves of bread in the kitchen. Bread has for thousands of years represented financial wealth and prosperity. To have lots of fresh bread translates that you have wealth and abundance. Even of you do not have all you need in the wealth department, sympathetic magick, mimics what will be drawn to you in the coming year. Of course after the New Year day has passed, you can freeze the bread for later use.

Having Fresh flowers in the house to start the New Year, represents a healthy, strong and beautiful year ahead. On the eve of the New Year, be sure to throw out all of the trash into the bins outside, wash any dirty laundry so all is clean on new Year's day.  Clean the refrigerator out so any and all spoiled or unwanted foods are discarded. Again, bring them outside to the trash cans. Even if it is a few days before trash pick up, having it all outside gives your home a fresh, clean start for the New Year.

Plan a few nice, fancy meals to enjoy around the New Year's mark. Even if you go out to eat, having a fancy meal, with a few extras that you might normally not indulge in, like dessert or a fancy wine, will translate into an abundant year with extras coming to you and your family.

Some things to avoid during the New Year's days, which is New Year's Eve and day of, as well as New Year's Day and for this year, the weekend of:

Try to avoid getting totally drunk, even with the customary celebrations as the subsequent hang over and nausea will affect you in the coming year in less desirable ways. You might find you lack energy, stamina and endurance during the next year. Your thoughts could be muddled and concentration and focus hard to come by.

Try to avoid having fights, arguments or disagreements during these few days as sympathetically this can lead to a year of discord and unhappiness with these people whom you argued with. If there are people whom you normally have difficulties with it is best to avoid them completely during these few days. Also, this time of year, a time of reflection, may have you asking yourself if you should even keep these people in your life, if they cause you anger and unhappiness. This time of the year is a good time to start off fresh, perhaps with surrounding yourself with more positive, happy people.

Try to avoid clutter and messy areas in your home or where you do your work. If it's other people's clutter or mess, especially in a work environment, there may be little you can do about it, but keep your immediate area clean and clear. To help, especially if surrounded by others clutter, place a small bowl of quartz crystals on your desk, or even scatter them on your desk top, where they won't interfere with your work. This will help keep the energies around you clean and clear.

And, this year, instead of making a resolution that may or may not be kept, instead make a list of all the things you'd like to accomplish this upcoming year.  A year long to-do list, if you will. The things listed should be fun things you'd like to experience, to enjoy and look forward to. We often give ourselves to-do lists of things we need to do but are not much fun, chores is another word for these lists. But the list I want you to make is of things you should 'gift' to yourself. Maybe a short trip to a place you've been wanting to visit, or a purchase you've been putting off because it's an extravagance or luxury you've been denying yourself. Maybe it's a visit with an old friend you haven't seen in far too long. Sit down, write out this list, then light a fresh candle (one that has not been previously burnt) any color, and allow it to burn while you sit and meditate for a few moments, thinking about what you have written on your list and 'see' in your minds eye, yourself doing these things. Save the list after the candle has gone out and place the list somewhere where you can see it everyday or a few times a week. By the end of the year, see how many items you've done on your list! Hopefully all of them!!

These are just a few ideas to help you ring in the New Year in a magickal and happy way. Have a healthy, happy and magickal New Year!

I'll look forward to having many more discussions with you in 2016!

Peace and Happiness

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