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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Let's Discuss Magickal Intentions vs Magickal Goals

Good Afternoon,

We, many of us, have finished the Christmas/Yule celebrations and are gearing up for the New Year's Eve/Day revelries.  For many, this also means New Year's resolutions. Well, we know where, all to often, those end up! Right out the window!

I bring this up today, to make a comparison, and to discuss, magickal intentions. For those of us, who consider ourselves practicing magickal people, whether we call ourselves witches, Pagans or both, we often hear of intent or intention. We will hear others say, "as long as you have good intent" and we read about it also in magickal writings.  But I threw out the word intent a long time ago. Honestly, it just doesn't serve.  Here, let me explain. When you look at the word 'intent', it brings to my mind the same energy as a New Year's resolution. A nifty concept, but seldom followed through to the end. Not to mention, vague .  .  .  well, I guess I just did!

To be brutally honest, many magickal people go through their day to day lives trying to have the best of intentions and things still don't go right. Life happens and stuff hits the fan. So, let's look at it a different way. A way, designed more specifically, where you have a much better chance of achieving the end result you have been 'spelling' for.

It's as simple as waving your magick wand and focusing instead on a magickal goal. Sounds simple but the differences are significant. Whereas an intention can be vague, not really thought out, no specific imagery, just a feeling of wanting everything to be 'good' or 'right' or something along the warm and fuzzy lines. But what does it look like? And let us not forget, an awful lot of not nice things are done to others with the person doing the harmful deed having the 'best' of intentions. And need I remind you 'the road to hell is paved with lots and lots of good intentions?'

Instead, sit down, and design a magickal goal. A goal, unlike an intention that can easily wisp away on a breath of emotion, is solid, specific and even though you might miss your intended goal the first time you strike out for it, you can take aim again and again until you hit the mark.

A magickal goal is not simply wanting to be good but during spell work, having a specific 'picture' of what the end result will look like. An ability to visualize helps immensely in this endeavor. Being able to see the future and what you would like it to be, aides one in then creating the reality you desire.

Alas, my dear Witchlings, casting effective spells and living a magickal life is not just having the desire and wearing witchy clothes and jewelry. It takes work. Yes, having a magickal goal and working towards it is a lot more difficult than just having a vague intention. But are you a magickal person by desire .   .   .    or by practice?

Start this upcoming calendar year with the 'intention' of making magickal goals for yourself and working towards them. Write them in your Book of Shadows (You do have a Book of Shadows, don't you?) and follow them through until each and everyone has manifested in one way or another.  At the end of the next 12 months you might be surprised at how much your life has changed and how it has become so very magickal.  All because of a simple twist in how you look at things. For that is what the definition of magick is 'to bend and shape'. To twist things just slightly and then they start working for you.

Happy bending and shaping! Ms. Faith

Peace and Happiness and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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