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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy Lughnasadh To You From the Witches of Enchantments

Happy Lughnasadh!

The Witches of Enchantments had a grand time indeed, this morning. Of course, as is typical on a Thanksgiving Day, lots of food was had, wonderful socializing and good energies abounded! We had a lovely ritual service where we blessed the animals after invoking the Goddesses who protect animals, Sekmet the Lion Goddess of Egypt, Bastet the Cat Goddess of Egypt, Freya the Norse Goddess of Cats and animals, Artemis the Greek Goddess of the hunt and animals, and Diana the Roman Goddess of the hunt and animals.

The  gardens of Enchantments were in full Summer bloom and we had over 20 people in attendance. It was really lovely. You can see a current picture of the Gardens above.

 There was talk today of covens and such. I no longer have a coven at Enchantments. We have spiritual services that people attend like a congregation. Ms. Laurel and I schedule the service and if people show up great, if not, that's O.K. too. Running covens have simply created a lot of issues and difficulties, so we walked away from that tradition a long time ago. This way new comers are always welcome and if someone doesn't show up, there is no animosity or stress because they weren't expected in the first place. We allow people to come and go as they choose. It is their religion after all, and that is a very private thing, and not up to us to meddle with.

For those who are new to the Craft, just starting out, it's important to find a group or a Pagan church or Circle, as we like to call them, that you feel comfortable with. Be aware of groups run by those who make new comers feel like outsiders, and make it a big deal even to talk to those in charge. There are a few Wiccans/Pagans in the Craft these days that are high on their own power. If you meet anyone that is all that and a bag of soggy chips, you might want to keep looking! The Magickal Masters I have met are as real with new comers as they are with 3rd degree Priestesses that have practiced for 30 years. We are all, simply humans. People like everybody else. Some of us have walked a little farther along the path than some others, but we're all on the SAME path.

Everyone who came today, from new comers to graduates of Enchantments Magickal  Studies program to family members and friends were all of a wonderful energy, sharing and enjoying and celebrating this wonderful Harvest Festival. Glad to be with one another and looking forward to the next Sabbat in six short weeks. Yikes, yes, soon it will be Mabon. Oh My!!

I hope you have the chance to celebrate this Harvest Festival time of year. One way of doing so is to have a hearty meal, with plenty of bread or bread products. To celebrate the harvest of grain from the fields. Happy Lughnasadh!

Peace and Happiness Ms. Faith

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