The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Working with Goddess' Continued

 Good Afternoon,

A couple of weeks ago we discussed working with some Goddess' for love. But there are many Goddess' from different cultures or (Pantheons) that you can choose to work with for many different purposes. We'll discuss a few of them here today.

The Celtic Goddess - The Morrigan

The Morrigan is a Celtic War Goddess that is reputed to take the souls of men slain on the battlefield and brings them to a place where they can rest, become renewed and refreshed before continuing on their way after death. She is a Might Protective Goddess who will come to protect you when in danger. Her candle colors are black and red. Her animal spirit is the Raven, and she often assumes the shape and form of the Raven. There are many myths and legends concerning the Morrigan, that you can read. I work with her to bring protection to myself and loved ones, and also to give strength and courage in the midst of difficulties. To call upon her, light a red or black candle or one of each color. Her traditional offering was blood, from a simple pricked finger and smear onto a candle. Now a days blood substitutes can also work to appease the Great Phantom Queen, such as placing bloodstone rocks around her candles. These green rocks have specks of red that resemble drops of blood. You can also use Dragon's blood resin to burn as an incense or oil to anoint candles or even yourself.

Diana/ Artemis Goddess of the Hunt

Diana/ Artemis is the same Goddess just called two different names from two different Pantheons. She is known as Artemis from the Ancient Greeks and Diana from the Ancient Romans. Her basic energies are the same though. She is the Huntress. She can be invoked to help out with any problems with animals, large and small. You can burn a brown candle, silver candle or a green one to help with animals that are feeling poorly. Her offering would be saffron, which is an exotic, expensive spice found in the market in the spice aisle. Her symbols are the bow, the arrow and the moon. If you invoke her for help with a sick animal be aware that the animal might pass over to the other side, as with her help she helps the animal transition with no pain or discomfort. If the animal is meant to live, it will rebound and get better. Invoking Artemis can even help with problems with insects in your house! Just ask her to help them leave and find another place to live.


This is the Goddess Bast also known as Bastet, both pronounced Bast . She is an Egyptian Cat Goddess that will help you with any magickal workings devoted strictly to cats and kittens. She is also a Goddess that works with women and secrets. Her candle color is black. Offerings to Bast can be any little toy that a cat might like, such as a toy mouse, a toy bird, a ball, a feather or something similar. You could even put out a small bowl of kitty treats or dry food. Not milk or cream, as cats are naturally lactose intolerant and so it would be inappropriate to offer the Goddess something that would make a cat sick. Catnip is also a very good offering, as well as a lovely incense when working with Bast. You may use Egyptian Musk oil as an anointing oil on candles. She will help you with specific issues regarding cats, whether they are sick, lost, having to go through difficult treatments to helping their spirits pass on after death. Stones that work well with Bast are Lapis Lazuli, turquoise and gold.

These are just a few Goddess' I work with on a regular basis and I find they really do work great magicks in my life. You can get a statue or picture of the Goddess you wish to work with, which will help you identify with and become closer to her as you work with her. You can work with one, or many Goddess' it's up to you.

Peace and Happiness

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