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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Magickal Housewarming!

Good Afternoon,

This week some good friends have moved into a new house and it made me think of some magickal housewarming gifts that can be given. This discussion is especially for those who are invited to a first time at the new abode.

A gift is always appropriate, actually a requirement if one is of good taste. And a basket of goodies is very appropriate. The first and foremost gift for a housewarming is bread. A nice, artisan, loaf of bread. NOT sliced. But given whole as the household will remain whole and unbroken for the duration of the time the people live there. The bread can be sliced after it is received and eaten, of course, but as it makes it's way over the threshold it should be a whole loaf. And the more loaves of bread the better! Bread has stood for many millennium, as a food of nourishment, abundance, wealth and prosperity. A household that had an abundance of bread was healthy, rich and prosperous.

Also into the gift basket should go a portion of salt. Any type of salt will do. Nowadays you can use sea salt for ritual, pink Himalayan salt for cooking, black salt for protection, or any type you choose. Salt, of any variety, is good for protection of the home and it also was once used in ancient times as currency, so it draws wealth and prosperity energies to it.

For those that partake of alcohol, a bottle of red wine is appropriate or dark red grape juice if you don't consume alcohol. The essence of the grape is a gift of the Goddess, whereas the bread is a gift of the fields from the God. Red wine, is more appropriate than white or more modern varieties as red was the original color and flavor of wine. It has the ability to bring joy, laughter and happiness to a home.

Candles are a good addition to the housewarming basket. They bring light, warmth and magick to a household and will dispel darkness. Candles of any shape, size or color are appropriate.

Finally a bottle of good olive oil is a nice addition to the basket. Olive oil has properties of prosperity and fertility. In a new home, fertility is a desired energy. NOT necessarily to bring in babies, but to bring in new life into the home with the new homeowners. New life in their hobbies, ambitions, dreams and desires for their future in the new home. The olive oil can be used to lightly anoint the candles and used with a pinch of salt for dipping the bread.

Other than these things, you can add any items you think appropriate. Homemade jams and jellies, a jar of honey, bags of flour and sugar, magickal stones, bags of dried herbs, resins and incenses, smudge sticks to keep the energy clear, are also good ideas. Put all of your items in a basket made strongly and well, and you'll have a unique and beautiful gift.

Top this off with a gathering of good friends and family and the housewarming will seal the good energies within for many a year!

Peace and Happiness

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