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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Working with Love Goddesses


Good Afternoon,

Today I want to discuss with you, working with Goddesses, most especially love Goddesses. There are many but for our conversation today we'll work with the Greek and Roman versions of love Goddesses, Aphrodite and Venus.  Specifically Aphrodite is from Greek Mythology and Venus is from Roman Mythology.

Now working with either is fairly simple. You can burn a red candle for either Goddess. When getting ready to burn a candle, you hold it in your hands for a few minutes, close your eyes and see the end result. Now, don't envision another person without that person's express permission. Just see yourself surrounded by pink, warm, golden, loving energy. The right person will come to you when the timing is right.

Working with these Goddesses works best on a Friday, like today. Hold the candle, envision the light surrounding you and then rub a little rose oil on the candle. If you don't have rose oil, then using a bit of olive oil  in a pinch will do. Thank the Goddess you are working with for bringing love into your life (even if it's not there yet) and place the candle in a holder and light it.

Offerings to the Goddesses are also appropriate. For Aphrodite you can place roses on her altar, burn frankincense and myrrh resin to call her forth, and place in a bowl roses,oranges, papaya, mango, orange blossoms, spicy orange tea, bubbling bath lotions, fancy soaps and lotions, and hand mirrors. 

Offerings to Venus can be emeralds, turquoise and pearls, jade and lapis lazuli. Sea shells, as her legend is she rose from the sea foam. She also loves roses and lilies. Placing fragrant oils in a sea shell on her altar is also appropriate.


 After the offerings have been on Her altar for three days, you can remove the items and replace them with fresh. Oils that were used, can be placed in a bath for you as you burn a candle to Her. Speak with your Goddess. Over the years this has been proven to me to be one of the strongest ways to work with your Goddess. Use your voice, out loud and speak with Her. Tell Her what you need and desire in your life, what your problem or challenge is, what you need done. She will answer you, with changes that She brings to your life. When changes come to you, look at them closely.

If you desire better health for example, your might find yourself in the hospital or needing to go to your doctor all of a sudden. On the surface this may not seem like what you were asking for, but indeed, it will give you what you desire. So look at changes that happen in your life closely, to see Her hand at work in your world.

There are many Goddesses with which you can work, you needn't just choose one. But before you work with a specific Goddess, find out about Her and see what it is She needs from you.

Next week we'll discuss other Goddesses and how they can work in your life.

Peace and Happiness

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