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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Pagan Thanksgiving is coming up soon, Happy Lughnasadh!

 Good Afternoon,

Yes, Thanksgiving! You see, the American Thanksgiving, is held late in November due to some political fanageling, when a past President wanted to help boost Christmas retail sales in the stores, so they placed Thanksgiving where it is now, the last Thursday in November. And then, some people feel that Thanksgiving is an American holiday due to the story of the Pilgrim's first year, the help of the native people bringing them food and such.

In truth, many cultures have a time of Thanksgiving. It usually falls around the first harvest. This is August 1st for modern day Pagans. This is the time the first fruits, vegetables and grains are harvested from the fields. Next Saturday, August 2nd, at Enchantments, we will be celebrating our Pagan Thanksgiving, or Lughnasadh as it is called in the ancient Celtic language. This stands for Assembly of Lugh. Lugh being an ancient Celtic God of the harvest.

We will hold a Lughnasadh ritual first, giving thanks to the Goddess and God for all the blessings we are harvesting from our lives at the present time and then celebrating and socializing with each other. Traditional Thanksgiving foods are what you would expect. A roast turkey or chicken, pork or beef is often cooked. Vegetables from the garden, bread from the grains of the fields, fruit from the trees. So salads, vegetable side dishes, corn dishes, loaves of bread and pies are common and delicious Thanksgiving foods to be found on our feast tables.

Traditionally we eat our Thanksgiving feast out doors surrounded by nature on long tables.  This year we will be inviting a very special guest speaker to our Thanksgiving celebration. Grand Master Joel Waldron will attend and speak of some of the concepts to be found in the 'Conversations with God' series of books by Neale Donald Walsh. The celebration starts at 10 am, and there is no charge. If you wish to attend, please bring a dish to share with others for the feast.

We are also holding a non perishable food drive for the less fortunate in the Greater Manchester area. Please come to the Lughnasadh celebration and bring with you a non perishable food item. These items will be brought to the food pantry in Manchester to be distributed to those in need.

There is also one additional thing I want to talk about today. There is a little boy, six years old, who lives in Foxboro Mass, and he has inoperable brain cancer. He has had to drop out of kindergarten because of his illness and gets lonely sometimes. Today, July 25th, 2014 is his birthday and he has said all he wants for his birthday is a birthday card. He has received over 15,000 cards already and I'm sending mine out to him today. This was reported on Channel 3 news last night, July 24th, 2014. If you'd like to send one his information is: Danny Nickerson, P.O. Box 212, Foxboro, Mass 02035.

Remember to thank God, Goddess or the Universe for all of your blessings, love and the happiness you find in your life. Not everyone has it as good.  

Peace and Happiness

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