The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, July 4, 2014

Enjoying Mother Nature's Weather

Good Afternoon,

We find ourselves, at the time of this discussion, in the midst of a hot and steamy July in Southern New England. I've been listening to people complaining of the heat just as I hear people complain of the cold in the winter time.

From this witch's perspective, I try too enjoy all Mother Nature gives us. In the heat of Summer, I try to dress lightly and do most of my vigorous work in the early mornings or in the evenings. During the day I work at the store but find the time to just sit and read and relax in the heat of the day.

Other cultures have incorporated a 'siesta' time in the middle of their day, with good reason. Sometimes it can be too hot to do much except relax. But I find that complaining about the heat adds an extra element that makes the heat even more difficult. Our attitude about things really does make things easier or more difficult for us.

Yes, it's hot. That's what Summer is all about. This time of the year I do a couple of things to help me enjoy myself in the heat. I already mentioned I try to dress lightly. I also make sure I have fans around. Over head fans and table fans that move the air around. Air conditioning is nice but I find it makes me cold, where I am more comfortable enjoying the heat with a nice breeze blowing on me. The one thing I DO NOT do is complain about the heat. That puts me in a negative mood, makes me cranky and that just makes the whole situation worse.

I really do believe that your attitude can make a huge difference. It's Summer, Summer is hot, try to find the enjoyment in it. At best, when you're really hot and miserable remember my three word mantra "January, February, March" !! This also has a way of putting me in a better frame of mind.

Magick is within you, you have the ability to make things better or worse, simply by the way you perceive them. Make this a better day!

Peace and Happiness

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