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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Magickal no no's I am often asked to perform!

Good Afternoon,

Sigh. Yet again, I opened my email this morning to find another request for black magick. Now, it's not that these individuals know that what the are asking for IS black magick, but it's my job to gently inform them that I do not do manipulative magick for anyone.

In this morning's case the email request was for a divorce spell. The woman who asked, had a boyfriend who was married and she wanted a spell that would cause the wife to divorce her husband/the boyfriend. IT NEVER WORKS THIS WAY! Firstly, a spell to cause the woman to divorce her husband would be manipulative and most likely against her wishes.That's Black Magick. Frankly, if she's going to divorce him, she will do it in her own time. Secondly, if he were serious about wanting to be with her, he would initiate the divorce. Sounds like they want the easy way around things and life doesn't work like that. So I sent her a reply that explained that we don't work the dark arts and I wished her well.

I am often asked, begged and pleaded with to bring a loved one back into their lives, help with a relationship, with most requests having to do with unhappy love lives.  And there are those, especially on-line (where there is little accountability), who will sell you a spell and charge a ridiculous amount of money for what they know won't work.  The spell needs to be done by the person desiring the spell. I do not do spells for others for or without money. I teach them to spell cast for themselves.

There is one exception and that is a healing spell. I have been asked by others to send healing energy to someone who is ill and unable to cast a spell themselves, but I always do it with another person or better yet a  group, a coven, of witches. We send out healing energies that the ill person can absorb when they wish to, to help them feel better. Of course, there is never money involved with such a request.

But other spells? You really need to be able to do them for yourself. But don't make the mistake of thinking magickal spells will  make your life easier and all your troubles will go away. Spell casting is hard work, and the work required of a witch casting spells to make her life better is even harder. But it is so worth it.

Think twice before casting a spell for yourself, then if you are sure you wish to proceed, do so with care, knowledge and love. Most especially love.

Peace and Happiness

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  1. Here, here! Spell casting IS hard work. Thank you for that recognition. The research, the intentionality, visioning, preparation (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual), patience, repetition, holding the intent, staying open, being aware... I think it takes a personal commitment and a lot of practice to manifest a transformational outcome. I have been working on a magickal goal for about 7 months now and am halfway through a 5 month cleansing and rejuevenation spell component as part of this magical goal work. Seeing myself with the end result and holding the knowledge this outcome is MINE (self doublt), is not an easy thing to do. But without that element of spell manifestion in place, I can not expect to see the result I want. I continue to practice because I know that spells work.