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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Psychometry - something you can try at home

Good Afternoon,

This past week, at Enchantments School for the Magickal Arts, we have been playing around with psychometry.  What is psychometry you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Psychometry is the practice of using your hands to touch something, and getting flashes of information from that object in your mind. It is typically done with jewelry, but can be done with many objects. As long as the object has been used or handled by someone for an extended period of time, so that their energies get into the object, it can be used. 

I tend to have the ability to use psychometry on buildings and the ruins of old buildings.  Once in upper Vermont, my mother asked me to feel an old stone wall that she had on her property. They had just recently purchased their house and the land around it and she wanted to know if I could tell what the stone wall was from. Was it simply an old stone wall, or was it perhaps the foundation of an old building?

I felt the wall for some time and I could hear, smell and sense many things. I could hear the jangling of horses bridles and harnesses, as well as the stomping of their feet. I could smell food cooking and many smells of different foods, people, horses and the like. I could 'see' a large building, not very ornate but functional and square. There was also a road out in front right where it was now. I told these things to my mother and she proceeded to do some research into the area. She found out that the foundation was part of an old tavern that had stood there many years ago. Ah, yes, a tavern. That would explain the food odors, the horses and people. That made sense.

I also used to work in a local museum that had once been a two room school house for local elementary school children. One summer I spent in the attic of this museum, accessioning old newspapers for the museum. I would get a strong odor of vanilla cake or cookies baking whenever I went up or down the stairs to the attic. It was quite apparent though others couldn't smell the same thing I did. One day while working in the museum an elderly woman came to see the museum and she told me she had been a child when the building was a school house and she had attended classes there. I asked her if the children ever went up into the attic for any reason. She said yes, they would go upstairs during inclement weather for lunch or to have a birthday party. That is the only reason I can think of as to why I kept smelling cake or cookies.

You can try psychometry yourself if you'd like.  You can try it on a building, by going up to a building ad putting your hands on the wall and becoming very quiet, close your eyes and see what pops into your mind. Do you hear things, smell or 'see' things?

What we do at Enchantments is practice psychometry on jewelry. Take an old piece of jewelry (not yours but belonging to someone else) and hold it quietly in your hands for a short while. Try to clear your mind of everyday thoughts and just see what comes to mind. Doing this with a friend is good as that friend, presumably the person who lent you the jewelry to use, can give you feedback as to what you are sensing.

Don't become frustrated if you don't sense anything at first, like all things magickal, practice, practice, practice! No one is 100% adept right out of the gate! Play around with psychometry and have fun!

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