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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My talk during the Ostara Sabbat Celebration

 Good Afternoon,

We just finished celebrating the Sabbat of Ostara this past week. For every Sabbat I conduct I do a small talk discussing the Sabbat and how it could work magick in our lives. The Wheel of the Year, which we follow and which marks our high holy days, our Sabbats, is an agricultural wheel of the year.  Most of us today are not farmers, so we use the lessons from the wheel in a metaphorical way.

For Ostara, we are planting the seeds which we will harvest later this year.  Rather than actual seed planting, what 'seeds' will you plant in your life that you can harvest later this year? Do you want to better yourself in some way? Do you wish to become more understanding, more disciplined, less critical of others? Only you can choose the 'seeds' which you will plant. Only you, because only you can do the work needed to make the changes to become that person.

Take a good long look at your life. See the blessings that are present in your life. Now take note of the things you'd like to change. That's a good place to start with planting the seeds.

At this point, just knowing what your goal is, is good enough. As we work our way around the Wheel of the Year we can do more work to make more changes. But for now, just identify the goal. Who or what do you wish to become.

Now, ponder on this for a while. Change can take time and it requires patience. You can't make all the changes you think you'd like to make all in one day. Come up with the final goal, and let it sit with you for a while. It may seem that everyday you are given opportunities to make small changes, which will bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

Having the goal in mind is the first step.

Peace and Happiness

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