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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Time to harvest fall herbs

Good Afternoon, 

Autumn is upon us. The days are warm and light, the evenings grow chill and there's a briskness to the wind. These are the days to think about harvesting autumnal herbs and plants for use during the winter.  An autumnal herb is simply an herb or plant that is still growing this time of year and can be harvested either for it's blossom, it's leaf or it's root.

There is so many plants that can be harvested this time of year, and of course it depends on what is abundant in your garden, but we will touch on a few common ones for the purpose of this discussion.

Garden Sage  -  many like to burn garden sage. It is used this time of year to honor the ancestors and to make ready for a holiday such as Samhain, which is a Sabbat to honor and remember those loved ones who have passed on. Cut the sage and hang upside down to dry.

Late blooming roses  -  blossoms used in love spells and tonics, Rose hips are used in teas for love and healing, while the thorns are used in protection sachets.  Gently pick the petals and lay them loose on a dry paper towel.  Allow the petals and or rose hips to dry thoroughly before placing in jars to use later in winter.  The blossoms and rose hips can be used in love spells or in tea.  For the thorns, carefully remove them and place in a small container for use later. Mix with other herbs to put into protection spell mixes.

Mint - Mint has the magickal properties of purification, love, healing, money, sleep and psychic powers.  Carry dried mint leaves in wallet or purse to attract money, place fresh mint leaves on altar to attract positive, helpful spirits to your magickal working. rub mint on furniture, floorboards and walls to repel negativity and negative energies. Place under the pillow to allow one to sleep peacefully and to have prophetic dreams of the future.  Cut mint in stalks and bind together with rubber bands and hang in a cool, dry location until thoroughly dried. Can also be used in teas and in cooking.

These are just a few of the plants you may find in your late autumn garden, that you may wish to harvest before the snow flies. It is important to continually check on drying plants and to move them around so that mold and rot do not set in. Allow leaves of plant to hang loosely. Bind together only the stalks of plants, for to bind together the leaves you may cause the plant to become moldy and the entire plant will then need to be discarded.  Harvest and dry plants that are dry to the touch in the garden. If it's rainy or a heavy dew allow plant to dry before harvesting. 

These are just a few tips and tricks from your Contemporary New England Witch! Happy Harvesting!!

Peace and Happiness

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