The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fundraising results and Can anyone be a witch?

Good Afternoon,

I want to update you on the fundraiser we had last weekend at Enchantments. It was a great success with lots of people coming into Enchantments for the first time! We raised $220 for the Main Street, Manchester, CT Fire victims and our special fundraising friend Gizmo the Wonder Doglet was on hand to greet people! It was a busy day all around and a tremendous success! I want to thank Gizmo and his mom Jen for their participation.


Our topic for today's discussion is a question I am asked often. Can anybody be a witch? As well as, what does it take to be a witch?
Well, both good questions. Yes, anyone that wishes to, can be a witch!  The only one who needs to say so, is you. No one needs to proclaim you a witch, that's not necessary. If you feel an affinity to the world of witches then you too can be one. Over the years I have been asked this question many times, so I came up with a simple quiz to help you determine how witchy you are.  Take this simple quiz, mark yes or no for each question and see at the end how much of a witch you are.

1.) Have you felt that you just didn't fit in with the mainstream religious beliefs in your community?
2.) Have you tried other religions and found yourself frustrated, unsatisfied or feeling it just wasn't for you?
3.) Have concepts of witches, spells, the mystery of a magickal world held fascination for you?
4.) Have you felt that witches were misunderstood, not scary or evil?
5.) Do you enjoy the outdoors?
6.) When out of doors do you find a sense of peace and calm to be surrounded by nature?
7.) Are you emotionally moved when looking at the full moon?
8.) As an adult have you felt that being born a sinner and the concept of hell, man made concepts?
9.) Do you feel your creator is all loving, without judgement or conditions attached to his/her love?
10.) Have you secretly wished you could be a witch or have magickal powers?
11.) Are you attracted to the medieval time in history, The Arthurian legends, King Arthur, castles and the legend and lore of such times?  
12.) Do you believe in past and future lives?
13.) Do the television shows 'BeWitched', 'Adam's Family', 'The Munster's', 'Charmed' or the Sci-Fi Channel attract you?
14.) Have you seen the movies 'Practical Magic', 'The Craft', 'Witches', 'Harry Potter', or any movie that refers to witchcraft and felt drawn to the ways of the witch?
15.) Have you had any psychic experiences? Such as seen a ghost or spirits or saw something happen before it actually did or have a dream come true?
16.) Do you feel a sense of responsibility to your community, your country, your planet?
17.) Do you enjoy music?
18.) Can you stand up for what you believe in, even when others disagree with you?
19.) Are you comfortable being alone?
20.) Do you consider yourself a sexual being?

Now collect your answers. If you answered 15 or more of these questions with a yes, you definitely have what it takes to be a witch. All it takes is to learn. Study, read, practice and believe and you too can be a witch. 

Have a witchy day!

Peace and Happiness

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