The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The History of Halloween at MCC October 25th!

Good Evening,

In just a couple of weeks, I'll be conducting my annual lecture at Manchester Community College "The History of Halloween".  Here's the information you need to take this one night class!

Black cats, Jack o’ Lanterns, witches, and bats, oh my! Just where and when did the true Halloween begin? ... in ancient Ireland, more than 5,000 years ago! Come and learn about the fascinating history of Halloween and witches—just in time to celebrate the event this fall. A slide presentation, with an opportunity for question-and-answer, will be included. Each student will receive a free charm to help them connect with loved ones who have passed on.

CRN 31701 | Fee: $20

1 Friday | 10/25

6-8 PM | GPA GP138

 You can call 860-512-3232 to register for this class. I look forward to seeing you there! Ms. Faith

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