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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Magickal Energy in Receiving Gifts!

 Good Afternoon,

I just finished having the BEST Birthday week EVER!!  I had a big birthday bash for my 50th birthday and I wanted to share some magickal insights with you. After all at this esteemed age I think I've earned the right to pass on a little wisdom to others! Haha. 

But seriously, I had so many wonderful people come to my party and I enjoyed visiting, the excitement, the dancing, all of it.  And when it was over I went home with many wonderful gifts and presents from everyone. I started to think about the 'gift giving' phenomenon. We all get gifts from time to time. Birthdays, Yule, other special occasions like anniversaries and such. I could feel the magick within the gifts. The good tidings, best wishes, the love and generosity of the giver.  Even if the gift given was simply a beautiful card, there was joy contained within.

I wanted to honor that spirit. So I unwrapped each gift carefully, read the card that came with it and any personal sentiments written by the gift giver. Then I honored the gift. If it was a candle (and candles are always a good gift for a witch!) I lit it and allowed it to burn the entire evening. While the candles were burning I thought of the people who gave the gift to me and remembered the fun memories of them at the party.

I received a beautiful aerial photograph of my Grandparents home, where I spent a lot of my childhood, from a dear aunt and I called her and we talked for a while about the photograph and reminisced about the past.  I had just seen her hours before at the party but it was a personal, special phone call that made the moment and the gift special.

I will carefully and with great thought write out the thank you notes and include a little story about how I enjoyed each gift, like the fun red and green garden butterfly made out of ribar and horseshoes that I put out first thing in my garden and how the garden garlic chives are in full bloom and sway and bend around it.

For gift cards to a restaurant I will tell them how we will go and have a special dinner and think of them while we are dining.  There is a magick in gifts, from the care and consideration of the gift giver and the time they took to pick out the gift that needs to be recognized and acknowledged.  Just don't put that bath gel and shampoo set on a shelf in a bathroom closet to gather dust and be forgotten. Use it! Remember those who gave it to you and smile, because they were thinking of you when they bought it, wrapped it and gave it to you! Enjoy and find the magickal in every day, you'll be happy you did!!

Peace and Happiness

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