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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Come walk the Labyrinth with us at Enchantments this Saturday Evening

Enchantments Layrinth 2011

Good Afternoon,

Yes, it's that time of year again, Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, which is just around the corner.  Each year, at Enchantments, we construct a labyrinth out of tea light candles and after it gets dark, we walk the labyrinth in the hopes it will help us release attachment to troubles, issues and worries.

You are invited to attend. If the weather holds and it's not raining, the Mabon ritual will start at 6 pm, followed by a feast, please bring a dish to share with others, and then the labyrinth walk will begin at around 7 pm. Now, take note, if it is raining (a goodly downpour) the ritual will be moved up to 5 pm, followed by the feast and we will not do the labyrinth as rain tends to put out candles!

But to be on the safe side come to Enchantments for 5 pm. We will be constructing the labyrinth at this time or having the earlier ritual. Parking will be in surrounding parking lots, as we are building the labyrinth in our parking lot.

Labyrinths have bee used for centuries and they are constructed to give the mind a quiet place to reflect and ponder. As you enter the labyrinth, you follow the paths, slowly and methodically.  Quieting the mind and allowing little critical thought to happen. Concentrate on your breathing and watch the candle light flicker. Allow the problem you are having to enter your mind then release it. Giving it up to the universe to help you find a solution. Just as slowly following the path of the labyrinth you will eventually come to the conclusion or center.  Then on a piece of paper write your problem in a word or two. Then touch the paper to the flame in the center of the table, found in the center of the labyrinth. Allow the paper to flare up and become nothing. As your problem will soon disappear and become nothing. Then take a deep breath, thank the Universe or God/ Goddess, whomever you pray to and slowly make your way back through the labyrinth and to the outside again. This process is done in silence.

This is one way to utilize the magick of the labyrinth and make it work for you.  I hope you can join us this Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 5 pm. I look forward to seeing you there! Blessed Be

Peace and Happiness

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