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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Lughnasadh! Our first food harvest of the year!

Good Afternoon,

It is such a lovely day. I want to get this discussion out and then I'm going to go sit under my Maple tree and enjoy the gardens. It's a perfect day for it.

This Saturday we celebrate Lughnsadh. This is an ancient Celtic harvest celebration that recognizes this time as the first food harvest. The first ripe grains in the fields are gathered and fresh, new bread is baked. Bread is a big feature for this Sabbat celebration. 

Tomorrow, August first is technically Lughnsadh. But, we will celebrate it on Saturday here at Enchantments.  You can also celebrate this holiday. You are invited to come to Enchantments, at 10 am and partake in our magick circle, to be followed by a feast of Thanksgiving. Yes, the harvest season is when the Thanksgiving feasts in ancient times were held.  We're even having a roast turkey! 

If you can't make our celebration you can have your own Thanksgiving feast,  served outdoors and make bread and bread products, like stuffing, a big part of your feast. Invite family and friends and enjoy your time with each other.

This is a time to give thanks to the Goddess and God for all of life's bounty, riches and abundance we have in our lives. A time of gratitude.  Be sure to leave a bit of bread out on the ground for the nature spirits and the birds. Also pour a small amount of libation, whatever drink you have on hand, on the ground while speaking your thanks to the Gods.

Celebrate outdoors as it's soon we will find ourselves forced to be indoors for six long months of winter. Our winter starts November 1st, and that's just a hands-breath away. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, each other and be well.

Peace and Happiness 

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