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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Auras . . . everybody has one, but what does it mean?

Good Afternoon,

Today's discussion will be about Auras. Everyone living has an aura. This is a light which emanates from their body and has a color. Everyone born has an aura and everyone's aura has a color or multiple colors which stays the same throughout their lives.

Although, some colors are not life long colors to be found in a person's aura, for instance red or black. Red is a color of excitement, extreme emotional energy expenditure or illness or damage to an area of the body. For example, I have seen Madonna in concert a few times. When she is performing she emanates a red aura from her body, which makes sense because she puts on a very physically demanding show. In another example I have seen red emanate around a person's elbow where that person had suffered physical injury to the elbow. This color is a temporary color and no one has a permanently red aura. 

The same can be said about black or brown. These colors appear when there is illness, sickness or disease affecting the body. They might appear as floating spots of brown or black within the aura. This also appears when the subject is taking drugs, regardless of whether the drugs are prescription or recreational.

Some drugs that a person can take, especially drugs prescribed for chemical imbalances within the brain can effectively mask the aura, making it difficult for others to perceive it. 

To see someones aura, the person being observed needs to be standing somewhat still for beginners to notice the aura. Lot's of fast movement can make it difficult to see the delicate, gentle color that surrounds the body.  Have the person being observed wear either white or black around the shoulders and upper body. This makes it easier to see the colors. Have the person being observed close their eyes and concentrate on 'making' their aura bigger and have them feel as if they are 'pushing' it out of their body. This will help the observer see the aura better.

Then stand several feet away from the person being observed and look at the perimeter of the person's body. Along the head, neck and shoulders work well. Allow your gaze to lose focus and get a bit fuzzy. For those who wear glasses, just take your glasses off, this will help you see the colors better. At first notice a bright white thin outline that surrounds the person's perimeter. Then try to distinguish faint colors.  Many people have more than one color for their aura. Some can have two and even up to three colors perceivable in their aura.

What do the colors mean?

Blue:  This is a color of a caregiver. Nurses, caretakers and those who care deeply for others can have this color. It is a color for mothers.

Green:  Someone who has a green aura is deeply connected with nature and may garden for a hobby or profession.

Yellow:  An intellectual. A life long student, could very much be a teacher.

Purple:  Someone who has purple as an aura color is concerned with justice, the law, fairness and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Could be in the profession of law or have a strong affinity for it.

Orange:  Dynamic, exciting. Many people are drawn to this type or color of aura. These people with orange auras tend to be very outgoing and vivacious, the 'life of the party!'

Pink: Pink is another color like red and black. It is a temporary color that shows itself in the auras of people who have recently fallen in love, new mothers, newlyweds. It tends to dissipate after time.

It is very difficult to see your own aura, have a friend help you by having them look at your aura and then you can look at theirs. Try to see or sense the color of the person you're looking at and you will eventually get better at seeing auras all around you.

Peace and Happiness

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