The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You are cordially invited to . . . Enchantments upcoming events!

 Good Afternoon,

The next few weeks have a couple of fun things happening at Enchantments that I'd like to invite you to. First our Summer Solstice (Litha) Ritual and Feast.  To be held on Saturday June 22nd in the front gardens of Enchantments at 10 am. Followed right afterwards by a pagan feast. You are invited and are asked to please bring a dish to share with others.  We celebrate Litha (a Germanic name for a Summer Goddess) to honor the God and Goddess and this time of Summer and abundance.  Litha is the only Summer Sabbat we have as the prior three were considered Spring Sabbats. It is directly across from the Winter Solstice or Yule which we celebrate 6 months from now in December.  But enough about winter!! Now is the time to celebrate the warmth of the Sun, the flowers and abundance we find in our lives.

The next activity planned after our Litha Sabbat is our Bi-monthly Women's Spirituality Group meeting. This next meeting is being held at a special time and date, 7 pm on Tuesday July 2nd and we will meet at Halls Archery located at 291 Middle Tpke West in Manchester, CT. Ladies only, as this is our Women's Spirituality Group meeting and it will cost each lady $12.00 to participate. After an hour of shooting bow and arrow we will take the party across the street to the Chinese Buffet which will cost each person $13.99 and talk about our experiences. I have conducted this archery class every year for several years and it is a blast! No worries if you have never shot a bow and arrow before, nor if you are the least athletic person you know! With the excellent instructors at Hall's Archery you will be shooting bulls eyes before you know it. The hour goes by quickly and the empowerment from such an experience is awesome.  Being able to hold a quivering bow in your hands and direct an arrow to its destination can be a metaphor in many ways into taking charge of situations in your life and directing things as to where to go and how to work them for your own benefit. We will conduct a  spirituality meeting while having dinner at the buffet. I hope you will consider coming to this event. Please call me, Ms. Faith at Enchantments 860-791-6033 or e mail me at to let me know to expect you at Hall's Indoor Archery on July 2nd.

Peace and Happiness

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