The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some simple gardning magick

 Good Afternoon,
Today I will be working in the witch's gardens at Enchantments. I have flowers blooming, herbs growing and birds and butterflies fluttering amongst the blossoms. It's like a Disney movie! I just love it! I'm going to be doing some simple gardening today, fertilizing plants already planted, dead heading or snipping off the spend flowers off of the geraniums and some simple weeding as I see an occasional weed has crept into my garden.

Trust me, it's a magickal enough process to simply garden, although many may not be able to get in touch with the magick of gardening, the magickal person will. Here are some simple things to do while gardening that can help you feel the magick of the task at hand.

Light a Green Candle:  Having a green candle lit and outside in the vicinity of your gardening can help the work go more smoothly, and help you tune in to the magickal energies to be found while gardening. Take a small green candle, hold it in your hands (un-lit at this point) and close your eyes. "See" the candle glowing a bright white` and feel the energy start to pulsate within the candle. Now blow a breath gently on the candle and then place it in a holder and light it. Keep it in the area where you are doing your gardening. You may wish to shield the candle flame with a small, glass chimney if it's breezy out.

Send Energy into the Plant:  While dead heading, weeding next to or working closely with a particular plant you can help it grow by rubbing your hands together and placing them near the plant, feel the sparks of magickal energy flowing from your hands into the plant. The energy flows from the universal source of energy through your crown chakra on the top of your head through your body to be released through your hands. This is especially helpful for any sickly plants you might have.

Visualize a healthy, lush garden:  Visualization is a key technique in successful magickal manifestation.  Take a few moments to close your eyes and 'see' your garden as you wish it to be. Lush, vibrant, green and blooming. Even if it's not there yet, visualization will help it along it's way to getting there.  

Be aware of conflicting thoughts:  Send gratitude to the heavens. It may seem simple, but it can be a bit complex. sending gratitude. People want their gardens to be lush and lovely but will bemoan the amount of rain we have been getting this year. That 'contrary' thinking can slow and stunt the growth of your garden. Your garden is an extension of you and your thoughts.  Wanting a wonderfully full and amazing garden is in contrast to complaining about the wet weather we've been receiving.  Be grateful and recognize a good thing when it happens!

These are just a few simple magickal tips you can work into your gardening chores which will reward you with a lavish, blooming and beautiful garden. And don't forget, after all the hard work, to spend some time enjoying the garden! 

Peace and Happiness

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