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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Which elements are you?

 Good Afternoon,

We all, well most of us, know the element we are associated with due to our Sun sign. Such as Virgo is an earth sign, Aquarius is an air sign and so forth. But could you have more than one element within you? I think so. And, I've come up with a mini quiz to help you determine which elements you have the most of within you. Take my quiz and then check below to see the qualities that make up a part of you.

What element are you?

To determine the element you most sync up with circle only one option for each question.

1.     When working in the garden what item would you never wear ?
a.                 gloves
b.                 hat
c.                  shoes
d.                 sun glasses
2.     Do you use an umbrella when it rains?
a.                 sometimes
b.                 most of the time
c.                  always
d.                 never

3.     What would bother you the most?

a.                 Being in a large, crowded, noisy & excited place
b.                 Being in the dark
c.                  Being in a dark, musty, damp cave or basement
d.                 Being alone

4.     Imagine that you are upset about a situation and you were told that if you sat or lay down beneath one of 4 trees, you would feel better. Which tree would you choose?

a.                 oak
b.                 soft fir
c.                  sugar maple
d.                 willow

5.     What would you most like to do on a perfect day off?

a.                 go shopping
b.                 take a hot air balloon ride
c.                  go on a roller coaster
d.                 travel down a gently flowing stream in a very comfortable boat.

6.     If you could design the front yard which represents you the best what would it contain? Pick the one which is the most important for you to have in your front yard.

a.                 privacy hedge
b.                 a manicured or wild grass garden
c.                  bright, beautiful fragrant flowers
d.                 a fountain

7.     Which creature are you most “in sync” with?

a.                 bird
b.                 dragonfly
c.                  bee
d.                 butterfly

8.     What would be your ideal vacation from the 4 below?

a.                 Dude Ranch
b.                 Skiing
c.                  Tropical island
d.                 Cruise

9.     What creature would you most likely pick up?

a.                 Toad
b.                 Spider
c.                  Salamander
d.                 Snake

10.                        Which pet are you most likely to have?

a.                 cat/dog
b.                 bird
c.                  reptile
d.                 fish

11.                        Which one of the four color combos is most pleasing to you?

a.                 brown-green
b.                 yellow-red
c.                  red-black
d.                 blue-green

12.                        Which of the following is the most abhorrent to you ?

a.                 Falling a great distance
b.                 Being buried alive
c.                  Drowning
d.                 Being burned

13.                        What element is your astrological sign?

a.                 earth
b.                 air
c.                  fire
d.                 water

Astrological Signs:

Fire Signs - 

Aries (3/21-4/20)
Leo   (7/23 - 8/23) 
Sagittarius (11/23- 12/21) 

Air Signs: 

Aquarius (1/21) -2/18) 
Gemini    (5/22 - 6/21) 
Libra       (9/23 - 10/23) 

Water Signs: 

Pisces  (2/19 - 3/20) 
Cancer ( 6/22 - 7/22)
Scorpio (10/24 - 11/22) 

Earth Signs: 

Virgo (8/24 - 9/22) 
Taurus ( 4/21 - 5/21) 
Capricorn (12/22 - 1/20) 

 To score yourself apply the following:

Count up number of A’s, B’s, C’s, & D’. The majority of one letter is the dominant element within you. Many people have traces of all the elements in them, and many more have two strong elements within. How did you score?  a - earth, b- air, c- fire, d- water 

Now that you've scored yourself and found out your elements, lets discuss a bit about each element and what type of personal qualities each has. 

Earth - an earth sign or someone with a lot of earth within them are usually steadfast, loyal, true and devoted. They fall in love strongly and for keeps. They are usually good with organizational tasks and give good advice to those closest to them.  Don't cross them though, as they can be true life long friends, betraying them will cause them to turn their backs on you and they never look back. 

Air - Those with a lot of air within are often in their heads. They are intellectual, trustworthy and very smart. They work well with others and can be great friends. They love with all their hearts but be sure not to treat their love lightly as they will tend to look elsewhere for the love, respect and admiration they desire. 

Fire- Those who have a dominant fire element within can be passionate, energetic, effervescent and fun to be around. They are passionate lovers and are hard workers. They tend to be truthful, sometimes this can be hurtful to others they tell their truth to! They make good friends and a fire element can be surrounded by many who wish to be with them. 

Water- Those who have an abundance of water within are caring, compassionate and loving. They can be moody with their emotions and at times just wish to be by themselves until they feel more sociable. They can be creative, artistic and are very consistent with their likes and dislikes. 

This is my mini quiz on how the elements may work within you. The ancient philosophers felt that the four elements, earth, air, fire and water along with spirit (the fifth element) were to be found in some combination within all things found on earth. I feel the same applies for us. I hope you enjoy the quiz!

Peace and Happiness

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  1. I wasn't surprised to learn that my element is air. It's what fills most of my head. ;)

    Great quiz!