The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Ghosts of Enchantments

 Good Afternoon,

It is such a pretty spring day with the daffodils and tulips around Enchantments blooming and making merry.  Not a day where one would automatically think of such a gloomy subject as ghosts, but we do have them here at Enchantments.

We have a number of ghosts or spirits if you will.  One is a very nice lady ghost who is often heard to say "Hello", at times right behind where you are standing.  On quiet days, when the road traffic is light, I can hear a group of women speaking amongst themselves in the upstairs classroom of Enchantments. As I climb the staircase they are very easily heard, but when they hear me ascending the stairs they become quiet.

We have had in the past a male ghost who made a habit of smoking cigarettes or some type of tobacco and it would be smelled especially in the stairways of this old Victorian home, built in 1899.  He also seemed quite fearful of me! We spoke with him once using an oracle board and he expressed his wariness when I was around. Perhaps he had good reason. I soon afterwards demanded he stop smoking in the building and if he couldn't then he was to leave. He has been quiet ever since.

We also have a small, gray kitten that has been seen by customers in the store on the bottom floor of Enchantments. A ghost kittent that is. We have cats, real, living cats in Enchantments but they are restricted to the upstairs, the classrooms and the attic where they have no chance of running outside and possibly getting hurt or lost.

I don't see the ghosts of Enchantments as often nowadays as I did when we first moved in, I like to think they have settled down and have grown used to us. Yet, every now and again a sensitive customer will remark that they have seen one or have been poked by one.

I believe they are harmless and merely curious and I like to believe they look over the goings on at Enchantments. I personally like them and would never banish them.  Walter, the smoking ghost, well .   .   .  he may have been banished but only to a better place. 

I invite you to come to Enchantments someday and perhaps you will have a ghostly encounter. 

Peace and Happiness

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  1. I would love to have a ghostly encounter! I work in a church rectory that some say has a ghost. I keep hoping that I will experience some type of contact...but, so far, nothing.

  2. I love interacting with ghosts, but I never was lucky to meet any at Enchantments as a student! I used to see a little girl who skipped through my apartment while I lived in Santa Fe. Sometimes I just feel a presence, thankfully they have never been angry. If I meet one I will call you Ms. faith, ~Barbara~ ;-)