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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A magickal thing happened in class the other day . . .

Good Afternoon,

Sometimes unusual, magickal, witchy things happen to me and I want to share them with you. Just this past Saturday I had two magickal moments and when things like these happen, it makes me stop and wonder at the magick of it all.

The first magickal moment happened in Saturday morning Magickal Studies class.  The students and I were gathered around the work table in the classroom and we were working with clay. The day's curriculum was for us to make witches runes out of clay and protective house amulets. We were all seated around, chatting and working our clay when the conversation turned to the various Wiccan/Pagan songs and chants that have been developed over the past few decades. There really are a lot of them and many are quite good.

In the meantime, Gabby, one of the cats of Enchantments had decided to take a nap on one of the girls knapsack/pocketbooks that was laying on the work table. The cats of Enchantments adopt all of the students and insist on taking class with us, every Saturday.  Well, Gabby was taking a well deserved catnap and we were working clay. One of the girls mentioned a Pagan song, 'Ancient Mother' and quickly found it on her smart phone, so the rest of class could hear it. When it started to play, she placed her phone upright on the table for all to hear, and then the most unusual thing happened!

As soon as the music started to play, Gabby woke up and went to the phone and picked the phone up by its soft case with her teeth and started to walk away with it. It fell out of her mouth, and she started to rub against it, paw at it and try to pick it up again with her teeth. All the while meowing and putting up quite a fuss. I believe she really enjoyed that version of 'Ancient Mother'!

Everyone had stopped making their clay pieces and were just staring at Gabby. The song ended and she stopped her antics. Really amazing!

Later that day I went out to dinner and shopping with a friend of mine. We were in a discount store and were walking down the aisles looking and just chatting. I noticed ahead of me in the aisle a large support column that had a store phone affixed to it. As I started to walk by this column, a very strong inclination overtook me and I found myself reaching for the phone. I had almost touched it when it started to ring. I pulled my hand back, because I knew the call wasn't for me. I couldn't have told you why I felt such a strong need to pick up that phone, but I was going to, until it started ringing. Then I dropped my hand and continued on my way.
My friend noticed what had happened and wanted to know how I knew the phone was going to ring. That's just it, I didn't know it. I just had a strong urge to pick up that phone.

These are just a couple of magickal moments that have happened to me lately. Do you notice the magickal moments in your life? Or perhaps you call them coincidence or happenstance?

Peace and Happiness

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