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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Magickal Goal Setting

Good Evening,

Yes, Even though we've celebrated our first Spring ritual, Imbolc, it's still very cold outside. It may be hard to think of spring with snow on the ground and storms threatening but there is something I do this time of year to help me keep in my magickal mind-set.  Planning for the upcoming wheel of the year.

The Wheel of the Year is an ancient agricultural calendar the ancient Celts used to plan their planting, growing and harvesting seasons. At this time of year we are in a pre-planting phase, the 'planning phase'.

We no longer live in a culture that requires everyone to plant seeds and tend them to their ultimate harvest-able conclusion later in the fall. Instead most modern witches that use the Wheel of the Year use it in a metaphorical manner.

You can use this time in a magickal way also.  First what do you want to 'harvest' later this year? How do you want your life to change? Do you wish you were happier?, more understanding?, more patient?, perhaps thinner, stronger, had more energy or something else?  First find out what you wish to manifest in your life, what you wish to 'harvest' later this year.

Now is the time to plan your Wheel of the Year to have that happen. Give yourself time to plan, write down on paper, exactly what you want. Then make a column of how you can make that happen. Many times it's small changes, little tweaks and tugs to slowly get the changes to start happening.

I myself, often ask the Goddess for more patience. To harvest that later on, I must understand that I will be given many, many opportunities to exhibit patience. And yes, I am getting better as I wait for that next moment that could cause me frustration or an opportunity to take a deep breath and patiently wait for the result I want.

So take a sheet of paper. Write on top what you hope to achieve. Make it one concept, just one. More than one can make it difficult. Underneath write the things that you can start doing that will gently lead you to your goal.

At this time, you need only get the concept of what you want to harvest in your mind. The rest of the work will come later. Don't try to do it all at once. One step at a time. One seed at a time. Soon, you'll be harvesting a new you!

Peace and Happiness

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