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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fox News demonstrates their ignorance towards Wiccans and Pagans!

 Good Evening,

Today I received a link from a student that shows three FOX news journalists discussing a recent decision by the University of Missouri to recognize Wiccan and Pagan holidays on campus. 

I have enclosed the link to the broadcast here. Please take a moment to watch it. Then we'll talk.

Have you watched it? Good. Now let me vent a bit. Are you kidding me???!!! These ignorant fools are not only bigots, but so unaware of what and who makes up the world around them.  The newscaster on the left of the screen not only is ignorant but I detected a bit of attitude and it seemed almost as if he was angry at Wiccans and Pagans. What's bothering him?

His quote as I recall it " Every Wiccan and Pagan I've met is either a Dungeons and Dragons fan" For the record I have never played Dungeons and Dragons, ever! "Or is a twice divorced woman living in a rural area and is a midwife"  Wow! Wait a moment and let me say again "Wow"!!

The foolishness continues as they then disregard their own reporting and quickly go from 20% of all holidays on the calendar make up Wiccan holidays to stating Wiccans celebrate 20 holidays a year!! For those who are not strong on math 20% of a whole does not equal 20. We have 8 holidays.

The typical mainstream American celebrates more than 8 holidays a year. Let's just count them for fun.  New Years Eve, New Years Day, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas come to mind easily.  That's twelve right there. There might be a few more that I've missed, but I've counted for mainstream America the typical holidays that causes banks and municipal buildings to close. I'd call those actual holidays, if you cannot conduct business, wouldn't you?

I thought one comment especially mean spirited when he asked "How many Wiccans can name all of their holidays, really?"  Why was that even a question. I know most of us can name all of our holidays because we celebrate them yearly and they mean something more to most of us than simply a day off from work. 

Also, whatever happened to actually reporting news stories and when did broadcaster's personal opinions start to matter? Especially when they have NO knowledge of that which they are reporting on. If you haven't watched the clip I urge you to do so, and make your own decision.

For me this clip showed a level of intolerance, ignorance and bigotry we are striving very hard to eliminate in this country and in our communities. These reporters with their ignorant banter has just made the job harder to do.

I'll conclude by asking, Is this a real news show? Are these really real journalists as one of the broadcasters  alleges? Mmmmmmm, I'll let you decide.

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  1. I saw this fox news Pagan/ Wiccan bash. It upset me so much. They would never be allowed to say anything like that about any other religion or the make opinion on the practices being good or bad on or off air where it could be exposed. I feel in whole we are some of the most excepting people out there of other beliefs systems. Sure there are some I don't like at all and feel they are just hate groups, but as long as theya ren't bothering me personally live and let live. Yet we continue to be called bad and the craft that we study so dearly bad. I don't know of any twice divorced rural midwive witches in this area..... Looks we are not all the stereotypical as this anchor states. I could just go on. I will just end with, I am very very upset that this was not brought out more publicly, but who are we? Just crazy pagans...

  2. a shame and shows how our society.views.some ones choices. if it does not fit the msinstream let us be a bully and make fun of it. sad sad. Stephanie Moriarty I believe in the God &,Godess and love all creatures

  3. There have been many people saying for a while that FOX doesn't do news at all, just entertainment.

  4. I'm a relatively new pagan - I can name all of the holiday and even tell you a bit about them. I can also name the holidays those folks on tv probably celebrate (or take a day off work for) and I can give you a bit of history about their special days - I can tell them why the have bunnies at Easter and why they make Halloween so creepy... then there's evergreens at Christmas and, well, you know... they borrowed 'our' days and customs.

    When one of them said something like "I don't even know any Wiccans" I knew they were all in trouble. So much for being reporters/fair and balanced.

  5. Oh my goodness I was appalled when I watched this. This is rediculous. But it you are right when you say that they have no knowledge on what they are reporting on. I actually have a professor in college right now who was teach history and touched on Pagans back in the 16th century in Russia. After he mentioned them he said "I dont even know if I should be saying that; is Pagan a derogatory term now?" I spoke up and said no - why would he think that?! Its unreal what people believe based on what rumors have been spread and the real facts they dont research.