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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Magickal Advice for the Love Lorn

 Happy Valentine's Day!

Tomorrow marks a day dedicated to love and passion. Many people poo poo Valentine's day as a day created by candy makers and card shops. Nothing could be further from the truth. Valentine's Day, originally called St. Valentine's Day has been celebrated for centuries and is dedicated to love and lovers.

But what about those without a significant sweetie? I've been asked for love spells and such that would bring a lover back to you, cause someone specific to fall in love with you etc. Those are big, white witch no nos!

I don't care how much you feel you should be with someone specific, we don't have the right to do love spells with another person in mind unless that person gives you their permission. Period. Imagine some creepy guy or gal at work that you want nothing to do with. Now, imagine them doing a love spell to get you to fall for them. Kind of feels like a violation doesn't it? Well, it does, because it is!

But what are the love lorn to do?  I hear you! Those without a Valentine can do spells to make the situation better and bring a special someone into your life, but it's all about the visualization.

First get a red candle.  If you know me, you know I love candle spells. I use them all the time! Get that red candle, red for love, lust and passion.  Hold it in your hands for several moments and visualize yourself coming home from a date. Possibly closing the front door AFTER the date is over. See yourself happy, maybe starry eyed, anticipatory that this person is the ONE. 

Then after several moments of visualization, place in a secure holder and light the candle.  Allow it to burn all the way down until it goes out on its own. Doing this spell on a Friday will give it even more ooomph!

Then, and this is most important, get out of the house. Dress nicely, look your best, leave the house and allow others to see you for the loving, wonderful person you are. This spell works especially well before meeting someone you connected with on a dating website. There are so many people out there today who want to meet that special someone and I'm a firm supporter of modern technology. It's there, use it.

Have a loving Valentine's Day!

Peace and Happiness

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  1. Faith,
    What is the school of thought on contacting a departed loved one? Is this a realistic hope or not?

  2. I do believe one can contact a departed loved one. Light a candle and speak to them just as if they were there in the flesh. They are there in spirit. Just don't expect them to speak back to you. Know they hear you and that your words do get to them. Many times people want a reply to their communication with loved ones on the other side, and this is not realistic. I hope this helps! Ms. Faith

  3. I nominated your blog, should you wish to participate. I think its a nice way to show off blogs that we enjoy/admire: