The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

More pictures of what I've been up to!

 Good Evening,

The beautiful weather calls me outside and away from the keyboard more and more as I'm reminded by the Wheel of the Year that we are past the mid point of the summer season and we are heading towards fall and colder times ahead. So to conserve time for both you and I, I've put together another pictorial discussion. I hope you enjoy the gardens. These are gardens at Enchantments and some at my witches cottage home.  Now, I hope you get to spend some time outdoors this week. Yes, it will be hot, but these are the days we'll remember in January, February & March. 

 A new rose bush called double delight. The center of the rose is a pink and the edges are stained deep rose. Beautiful.
 Yet another bloom on the same Double Delight bush, with far more rose stain color and less pink. Very diverse coloring amongst its many blooms.

 Liatris - Blazing Star truly is as vivid purple as it appears.
 I like to put unusual items in my garden. This was an old chandelier that I removed the electrical hardware and now put votive candles in and light at twilight.  The candle flames in the right lighting appear to float over the garden adding a bit of magick to this 'witches garden'.
 More Blazing Star Liatris. This loves full sun and its root base slowly thickens and develops a multi-shoot display after a few years.
 This is the 'upside down tomato experiment!"  So far I've picked a half dozen miniature tomatoes and they are a burst of summer in your mouth. On top is a begonia.
 My long garden planted with perennials - plantings that come up every year.

  A Red Monarda Bee Balm  shown in its singular glory and below in the long garden of perennials.

 Mexican marigold, loves the sun and adds spots of happiness where ever you plant them.
 This is my medieval herb garden with the May Pole which I decorated at Beltaine, May 1

 I've eliminated grass in the rear of the cottage and replaced it with small pea gravel that is comfortable to walk bare foot on and adds a camp ground like feel to the back yard. 

Peace and Happiness

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