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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Witches do's and don'ts

 Good Evening,

I wanted to touch on this subject because it's been bantered about lately. A witch's do's and don't's list. I've seen a few on facebook and in other mediums and wanted to discuss this with you.

As my learning and understanding goes there's only one 'An' it harm none, do what you will'.  Having said that I've seen lists drawn up by other Wiccans, some High Priestesses or Priests that state a variety of concepts like: a witch doesn't believe in the devil or in hell.  That tends to be true for many.  But if you're raised in a faith that has programmed you to believe in and fear a devil or a place like hell, than maybe you do believe in it, and many find their way to this path to hopefully rid themselves of this fear.

Witches wear a pentacle or pentagram. I saw this recently and thought 'oh, no!' I'm gonna get it!! (Facetiously of course) because I don't wear a pentacle.  I wear a triquetra, the ancient Gaelic symbol that stands for my name Faith. I also wear a diamond chip pendant and earrings that were gifts.  Ooops, no pentagram.  Does that make me not a 'real' witch? Of course not!  Many choose to wear the pentacle which is a five pointed star (pentagram) within a circle.  This is worn for many purposes, primarily protection and identification for other like minded individuals.  I wore one for years, until it was misplaced and it occurred to me that even without wearing one, I'm still a witch.  The jewelry I wear does not make me who, or what I am.  It doesn't make others who and what they are either.  I've included a picture of a gentleman wearing some serious Wiccan bling below!!

Our actions and words define us.  Our interaction with others.  For to be a 'beast' around other people, i.e. cutting people off in traffic, shooting rude gestures or yelling at others but then being all sweetness and light during a witches meeting for the full moon, is not being authentic  Well, insincerity has a way of shining out from those who are not truly the people they claim to be because of the jewelry they wear, at least that has been my experience over the years.

As far as a do or don't list, here's some homework for you. Sit down, take a piece of paper and write two columns, what makes you a witch and what doesn't.  What are your do's and don't's?  That list that you create will be more significant, important and real than anything you'll read from another. Simply because what works for one, myself for example, doesn't have to work for you.  I give suggestions, simple basic training in the fundementals and sciences of magick and respectfully leave the rest up to you to discover.

That's the most important aspect of this discussion, discovery. Self discovery. So instead of giving you a list of do's and don't's, I'll give you a list of questions to help you discovery what type of witch or magickal person you are. 

  • Do you enjoy the outdoors?  You might be a green, herbal witch

  • Do you feel safe and protected out of doors?  If so you might enjoy rituals conducted out of doors, if not even though you love being outside, you may feel safer conducting your rituals inside.

  • Do you care and enjoy being around others?  If so, you may like to find a coven of like minded people to practice with. If not so much, you may be happier as a solitary practitioner. 

  • Do you like to read?  Then read as much as you can.  If not, there are many resources on the internet with videos and short clips on Youtube that can help you feel your way through this path. 

  • Do you like to wear 'witchy' clothing? Then dress as you choose to please yourself, of course taking into consideration proper dress for work and being seen in public.  Some enjoy the British practice of practicing 'skyclad' (naked) but I wouldn't recommend doing this out of doors if you don;t want all sorts of the wrong attention and risk of possible arrest.  (No, this isn't covered under religious freedom!! If you want to be naked, do it inside, and draw the curtains please) 

  • The one rule is 'an' it harm none, do what you will' Does this give us the right to do whatever we want? Not if it involves interfering with anothers rights (skyclad outdoor rituals next door to a home with children, not cool! Also things that are illegal, create a public nuisance or otherwise upset or distress people.  For instance many people live or work in buildings where candles, incense or smudge is not allowed.  Everyone can smell them and it can be distressing (something burning!!) these are not your Goddess given right just because we have freedom of religion.  

How you wish to practice or worship is totally up to you.  No one can tell you what's right or wrong, except for your experiences and the karmic feedback it brings.  

Use common sense, Be respectful and considerate of others, and then do as thou wilt.

Peace and Happiness 

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