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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Witch Hunts are back and sanctioned by Harvard University! A very sad day indeed

 Good Evening,

This is an incredibly sad day for me.  There was held yesterday and today a conference called "Social  Transformation Conference" at the once prestigious Harvard University in Boston Massachusetts.  This conference which featured speakers all from the Wagner Leadership Institute, and refers to their speakers as the International Coalition of Apostles, convened to discuss openly the hatred and intolerance they hold for witches, magickal practitioners, Native Americans, homosexuals, Jews  and others they feel should be eliminated from the world.    Before I go further, if you click on the title of this discussion above, it is a direct link to a 14 minutes video featuring these scary individuals and their threats and beliefs against anyone who doesn't feel as they do.  

The Wagner Institute is lead by director Che Ahn and his speakers Dr. Pat Francis, Dr. Lance Wallnau, Os Hillman, Bill Hamon, Doris Wagner, Ed Silvoso and self proclaimed Apostle, Prophet and Exorcist Cindy Jacobs,  are the most frightening group of people I have ever seen assembled in one place.  These people all, many with doctorates which would indicate a level of education that usually precludes ignorance, have amongst them a level of fear and ignorance as well as a potential power that has not been seen since the last witch hunters led by Mathew Hopkins, Witchfinder General in the 17th century.

These people (RFN's) 'religious fanatical nuts' as I will call them for clarity in this discussion, loudly and vehemently preach, nay demand, the elimination of gays, witches, Jews, Native Americans and anyone who does not follow and believe as they do.  Their level of animosity as you can see in the video link I've included, borders on the edge of encouraging violence and Cindy Jacobs comes out and demands that objects be burned, all things not approved of, by I guess her and these other RFN's.  Any idols, questionable books, religious artifacts, art work, Native American totem poles just to name a few.  What will stop them from burning ancient texts, artwork by great Masters or even people next?  I hope and pray the laws of our country stop them, but be aware these people can influence many. Many people do not want to stand up and make a strong decision, they would rather follow. We saw this mentality during World War II, with Hitler and his Nazi's and it can happen again. We are seeing the start of this today at this conference in Boston.

I will not, and cannot write anything that could change these people's narrow, intolerant, hate filled viewpoints but I can speak with authority on history and I will take a moment to address a couple of obvious conflicting concepts in their thinking.  But then again, someone who is as filled with hate and intolerance as this group of people obviously are, well .  .  .  is it a surprise, really .  .  .  that their viewpoints harbor many inaccuracies and tend to overlook much?

For instance they scream repetitively  in their preaching (and why is it they all have to shout and scream? And repeat the same phrases again and again and again, reminding one of brain washing.  If their words held power, would not the very utterance of the words be enough?)  Yet they scream again and again that they must cast out demons.  Then they are quick to mention homosexuals, which today people,  are the next group of 'witches' to be burnt at the stake, if they have their way.  They will also mention in the same breath pedophiles and homosexuals as if the two had any connections to each other.  Please, anyone with any sense would discount this as fear, intolerance and plain stupidity.  I mean really, I don't consider all Catholic Priests pedophiles or sexual molesters, as the majority are not!!  Anymore than any of these groups are evil.  Yet they are expert manipulators on how to fuel fear in people today.

They scream to burn idols, such as totem poles, artwork that shows Goddesses and Gods and that evil people worship idols. Guess what RFN's,  that crucifix you pray before, that cross you wear around your neck,well the earliest Christians, the real and only apostles according to Christian teachings, I'm not making this stuff up, they considered those objects taboo, because the early Christians allowed no symbols or ornamentation depicting anything or person, even Jesus.  Yes, even the depiction of Jesus hanging on a crucifix was considered idol worship. You would think for those so vehement about their own religion would actually know something about their history, ah .  .  . but then that would make their religious practice so much harder, wouldn't it?

Now, this is America, and I am a huge proponent that in this country you have the right of free speech, but by our very laws you are not allowed speech that incites hate crimes. You are allowed freedom of religion, but you are not allowed to cram your religion down my throat or force me to practice as you do.  You are allowed to have your opinion and yes you can burn a book if you choose (even though I'm personally against this) but you are not allowed to threaten me and my items with burning. 

And Harvard University.  .  .  Really?   A conservative institution historically, but to promote this type of hate-filled  intolerance against other humans, in this day and age, is truly shocking and terribly disappointing.  Considering that we were not very long ago targets of religious bombings from the Taliban. Many people don't stop to think the bombings of the Trade Towers and the Pentagon in 2001 were not about oil or weapons of mass destruction, they were religious intolerant murders from a religious, intolerant, psychotic, dangerous faction our government has been fighting against ever since.

Having a conference, like this one, at Harvard gives these dangerous delusional people tacit support from what was once a great University.  Will they allow the KKK to hold a rally and conference? Perhaps the Neo Nazi movement?  Ah, perhaps the Taliban can hold a conference and rally on the grounds of Harvard? Hmmm? I wouldn't be surprised after this weekend.  Does the Dean of Harvard really think this group and its conference was a good choice considering the wars in the Middle East and others areas of the world?   We fight intolerance on every level, every day and here along comes Harvard with open arms and closed minds to allow this conference.

We do have rights in this country, that many men and women have fought for and continue to fight for that make us, in my opinion, one of the greatest countries on earth.  I do feel that there is one demographic that needs to be shown intolerance and not be accepted. That is hate groups.  And though we have religious freedom, and as a witch I am firmly behind that law, but is a hate group that hides behind religion deserving of these protections and rights?

We have many laws against hate crimes and groups that incite hatred. This Wagner Institute is just such a group. Hiding behind Jesus Christ to condemn, spew hatred and evil intention towards others who are simply different from them and choose to believe differently, is not a religion or church, but a hate group like the KKK, Neo Nazi's etc.    Those that incite hatred, fear and encourage intolerance towards others just because they do not believe the same way need to be told, by all of us,  that their hatred will not be tolerated. Not be accepted and NOT be showcased at a University with the once prestigious reputation like Harvard University.

Be careful Harvard, I bet my broomstick that there are many on your faculty that would incur the wrath of these RFN's , perhaps even the dean himself.Actually, as Jesus was a Jew by birth and openly celebrated Passover and encouraged others to only celebrate the holiday of Passover, no other, I guess he also would be a target for these sick and deluded individuals. Are you scared? You should be.

I will go to bed tonight and hope that tomorrow I wake up and like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, find it was all a horrible dream and that we all find ourselves closer to love and acceptance of all God's beings. Because all was created out of love and acceptance. 

Peace and Happiness 

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  1. I feel sick, tearful, angry....speechless.

  2. I have never read such lies about so many people. These people did not say nor have they said they wanted to hurt anyone. Because some evil people claiming to be Christians killed people in the witch trials does not mean that Christian do that, any more then all witches torture and kill animals and people because the hillside killer in Ca claimed to be a witch or warlock.
    Maybe you should have gone and heard them instead of writing this page full of lies and trying to scare people and cause hate. By the way Jesus never spoke about what holiday people should celebrate. As I recall Jesus said he did not come to the world to judge the world but to save it.

  3. I will be surprised if you have the guts to post my message based on what you wrote.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Not only will I post your comments, but I will respond as you obviously know very little about me.
    As far as what Jesus said, I don't come up with this stuff, check out your bible Luke 22:14-20 where he shares Passover with the original apostles. This is the only holy day he observes in the entire New Testament. Um, important to get an original version, that scholars refer to, not the morphed, changed and re-written versions designed to further a specific human's personal goals like King James, or the modern New Testament which is re-written every few years. Why is it that Christian leaders keep re-writing it? Aren't the original words sufficient? Apparently not.

    Also by going and listening to these people in person would it change the words they said on video? I didn't create this video, they did with their words and seminars. If I had gone in person, would their words suddenly become less hate filled? Somehow become filled with love, acceptance for all mankind, Jews, Homosexuals, Wiccans, Native Americans and all those whose beliefs differ from theirs? Would their words be less judgmental?

    Dear Anonymous their words condemn them, not mine. "I just report the facts ma'am". And, incidentally, thank you very much for your response, you basically made my argument for me. Have a blessed day!

  5. I feel its important that I am very specific because people are apt to read all sorts of things into my words, that are not accurate, that the RFN's I refer to are NOT all Christians, for goodness sake. Only the 'apostles' as they call themselves from the Wagner Institute, in this article. Believe it or not I have many fiends and family that re Christians and I have no issues with them or most people, just those that seek to spread their hatred with their words and position to influence people not to love and accept others simply because they believe differently.
    Anonymous was right in one respect, Jesus was said to not pass judgement on others, what about these people who obviously do?