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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The magick of stones - how to use them - my favorites

 Good Evening,


Tonight we continue our discussion on the magickal properties of stones.  You've seen some of the magickal properties associated with the birthstones. It is believed by those of us that work with natural energies, that all things found in nature have magickal properties that either attract or repel energies around us.  That is the basis for natural magick or what is sometimes referred to as green magick.  Even though tonight we discuss stones, minerals and crystals and not herbs, the magick still falls into the 'green witchery' realm.

I love stones.  I have had 'pretty stones' in my pockets since I was a little girl, three or four years old. I remember walking on the dirt driveway on the farm I grew up on, and just popping down on  the ground to ooh and ah over shiny stones and always had to pick them some up and bring them home with me!

I still do.  .  .  have rocks in my pockets that is, or in my purse or tied to my waist in a pouch on a cord, on side tables in my home and scattered on my desk at work.  You see that's how the magick works with stones and minerals.  They must be around you, with you. Touching you if you wear them in jewelry or holding them in your hand.  If you can't carry or wear them, surround yourself with them. Scatter protection stones like Jet, Amber, Carnelian in the cup holder of your vehicle for a constant resource of protective energy.  Or hang them from the rear view mirror in a pouch.
                Amber - fossilized resin/ tree sap millions of years old.

                Malachite is the green oxidation that grows on copper ore, and builds up over thousands of years

 Toger's Eye stone used by Roman Soldiers for protection in battle, also has many other magickal properties

Carry in your change purse, stones that attract the energies of money and abundance. I like Green Agate, Bloodstone, Tiger's Eye, Malachite or Topaz to name some of my favorites. Place in your business's cash register or in another place that represents wealth and financial prosperity to you, maybe a crock you throw loose change into, or the corner of your desk in your place of business.

 Lapis Lazuli

Love the lovin' energies of stones? Mmmm, some of my favorite are rose quartz, but I like big, chunky pieces that fill my hand and I put them around my bedroom and carry at least one with me throughout my day. Garnet, Rhodocrosite, Malachite and Lapis Lazuli are also favorites.  I always add a crystal point or three to intensify the loving magickal energies. I have a pouch of loving stones in my purse as I always like them close.  One never knows where one will suddenly and abruptly encounter sour, foul and harsh energies in the wide world around us, and sometimes I find that having my stones with me, and holding them, feeling the weight of them in my hand, soothes, focuses and makes me feel better.

Maybe you require tranquility and peace, a calming and soothing effect. You may enjoy the nergies of combining these stones together, Moonstone, Amethyst, Quartz Crystal, Calcite and Aquamarine. Hold them lightly n your hands for a few moments throughout your day to feel the soothing qualities enter your life.


Feeling drained and fatigued? ALWAYS seek out competent medical professionals first when dealing with any physical malady, but then it's safer in many cases to use stones and crystals to enhance your medical regime than to self medicate using herbs and home remedies that can be dangerous when combined with prescription drugs or other medical treatments. Do I need to go over my lecture that not everything 'natural' is safe, or effective or smart to use without checking with your doctor?  Hmmm, (taping foot smartly) I didn't think so.  But I will if you ever want me to elaborate.  For this topic tonight though, some stones that can safely aide you while trying to get your strength or physical energy back: Carnelian, Garnet, Crystal, Bloodstone, Diamond and Tiger's Eye  are some favorites. 

As you've seen thus far, stones such as Malachite, Tiger's Eye, Crystal, Garnet and many others have multiple magickal propeties and by combining a variety of stones and charging them properly, they can do many things for you.  You can use stones for one purpose, cleanse and charge them and they will work on other things for you.  Stones are a reusable magickal resource and with just a little magickal care they will serve you for years. 

We'll discuss the care and charging of stones in an upcoming discussion. Have a great evening!

Peace and Happiness

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