The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Work of the Witch ~ This is What We do

Greetings My Witchy Readers,

Tis the Season of the Witch, but for us it is always the season of us!  But when the crisp tinge of cool air starts to turn the leaves bright colors and you can smell the earth moldering then people's imaginations turn towards the witches and the magickal ones. We are people's favorite entertainment this time of year.  Yet for those of us who are the magickal ones, we do not mind, we will help those understand our ways if they have a mind to ask and we continue on our way as usual.

Some of the things that occupies a witches typical day as I am often asked what I do during my day. Aside from a lot of research into ancient magickal ways and techniques that I can meld into my use today or write about for your interest or my students benefit, I am often involved with scurrying around E's (Enchantments) busy doing many things.

I harvest herbs and flower petals, plants and branches and twigs from the gardens to be dried or used in spell mixes, incenses or other uses.,  we will take days and make ointments or soaps to then package up and sell in the store, carve candles, anoint and charge the candles for various magickal purposes.  This year I have spent time making very large mugwort smudge sticks from our own crop of mugwort.

I recently placed inside the shop a Goddess shrine for the Ultimate Goddess, encompassing all Goddess energy so all can come and feel Her love and energy and they may write the name of someone they care abut on a slip of paper and during the full moon it is burned and blessings are said by me, myself asking the Goddess for her benevolence.

We worked hard to create a Harvest Goddess this Mabon and she stands almost 7 feet tall and is incredible!! We simply can't take her down and now have plans to make her into a seasonal goddess for each season!!

During our Mabon Sabbat Celebration we constructed a Labyrinth that was lit and those that wished to walked it after dark, and after we held our Sabbat celebration and pot luck feast.

 Also on that day, on Mabon itself, the day of our Sabbat, I was showing my students the holly tree and commenting how well it was doing since I had trimmed it in the spring and I found a "golden bough" on the holly tree.  A golden bough, traditionally is when late in the year, during the harvest season, is when one finds a branch from a tree that has on it a blossom (normally found in the spring) as well as a fruit or berry found during the harvest season. For both to be found on the same branch is considered sacred, special and most magickal. I clipped it and placed it upon our altar for the ritual and have kept it as a sacred, magickal charm. It holds special significance for myself.

Mabon was a year anniversary this year of the end of a difficult year and it speaks of new hope and a new start for the upcoming year.

Now, many might wonder at the things I find magickal, but my magickal base is druidic and no, I am not a Druid, I am a witch. But my magick is ancient and of the natural realm, and omens abound in my world and I read them to see what will happen in the days, weeks and year to come.

I use ancient magicks to affect my modern life, and most importantly I teach others and help people perform their own magick and realize we, all of us are "gifted" and I work hard to dispel the nonsense that any of us are more special or more wonderful than another, except only where others may work to prove they are less so by the harm and hurtful things they do to others.

So, in that vein, yes the witch is special and has gifts others choose to ignore or not believe is in their ability to access, so we go forth and do what we do.

We look forward to the turning of the Wheel of the Year and with each Sabbat that comes and goes a new season comes with it. To the witch, each provides a new opportunity. For growth, for action, for reflection, for forgiveness, for making another choice, for .  .  .  whatever is necessary for the moment.

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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