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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Ms. Faith is Teaching "Magick Made Simple" Classes Every Wednesday Night at 6 pm

Greetings My Witchy Readers,

I have started teaching a rotating series of classes, 10 of the most fun, interesting and most requested classes by customers, clients and even students who are not able to take the Saturday full curriculum program of classes.

The classes I am offering have been well received and I want to offer them to you! The classes are $20 a person, per class and no fancy registration or interview process or commitment on anyone's part, simply show up on a Wednesday night, pay your $20 and go upstairs to take class!

Now, we do have kitty cats and you must be good with cats. Also I do not cover all we cover in the full curriculum Saturday morning classes, but it is a taste of what I teach and it covers a lot.

The classes I am offering and what they cover as well as their dates are as follows:

"Magick Made Simple with Ms. Faith"

 Have you ever felt drawn to magick and have questions but did not know where to turn for answers? Here is your chance to learn 10 basic magickal concepts by taking classes taught by Ms. Faith, a practicing High Priestess and Elder with over 30 years of studying and practicing witchcraft, all backed up by practical application and experiences. 

These 10 classes will be held every Wednesday at Enchantments llc from 6-8 pm and costs only $20 per person, per class, and will cycle throughout the year, so you can take as many classes as you wish! There is no pre-registration or commitment, all you have to do is come into Enchantments llc the day of the class, pay at the sales counter and then head upstairs to the classroom for a magickal two hours.
If you have any questions regarding these classes, please call Enchantments llc at 860-791-6033 

10-3-18  Stones, Crystal, MineralsMankind has been carrying around crystals and stones in his/her pockets or wearing them as adornments for centuries.  Learn why all stones, from a heart shaped stone found on the beach, to a diamond on your ring, have magickal meanings.  Also, learn how to positively affect your life by incorporating  them into your magickal world… everyday.

10-10-18  Past Life Regression:  It is very frustrating when someone tells me they had a past life regression reading and another person told them who or what they were in a past life!!! Gggrrrr NO!  Your soul is the soul that houses past life memories and only you can access that memory with guided assistance.  In this class, everyone undergoes a group regression where you may visit two past lives.  As a bonus, Ms. Faith will also take you on a journey to meet your personal spirit guide by using her very own “Special Journey to the Center of the Earth Meditation”, which has only been shared in her Science of Witchcraft class room setting.
10-17-18 Start Casting Circles!!  So many people I meet are so interested in practicing magick but are fearful of actually doing so.  They will read the books buy the tools and supplies and then .  .  .  not actually do anything. In this class you get a lesson in the classroom where we will discuss different types of altars, types of rituals and what casting a circle is all about.  Then you will watch an actual circle casting where you will learn about all of the tools and supplies you absolutely need, then the extras you could choose to add.
10-24-18  The Truth about Dark Magicks:  Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria and other so called dark practices are simply as misunderstood as other magickal practices.  Learn how you can use the protection, banishing and loving spells of these old traditional beliefs to aid you in your day-to-day workings.
No Wednesday Classes on Halloween!! The Witch is NOT In!! 

11-07-18 Basics of Spell Casting:  With this lesson you will learn to apply basic scientific concepts to your spells that will make them start manifesting and become reality.  No matter what you choose: money, love, strength or protection, you can learn to manifest what you desire.
 11-14-18  Learn To Read Tarot Quick Easy & Effective!!  Throw away the book, and learn…really learn, to read with your intuition and psychic ability.  Ms. Faith will teach you her very own techniques she has developed that cuts through years of ineffective, nonsense training, that slows down and stymies a persons natural psychic ability.  By the end of the class you will be reading the cards without having to memorize every single card.  Students must have a tarot deck (not oracle), which consists of 78 cards as indicated on the package.

11-21-18  Thanksgiving Break  
11-28-18  DivinationLearn additional divinations that are more than the simple tarot.  Learn the witches runes, duckerin’ bars, stone divinations, crystal balls, scrying and more!!  So many ways to interpret the future and see what it holds in store for you!
12-05-18 Energy:  What it really is and how can you effectively work with it?  

There is so much nonsense in the magickal world regarding the word “energy” and it is attributed to such extreme ideas, that if everything were to be believed, we would not be able to function!!  I break it down into understandable basic terms and teach how you can feel it, sense it in others and use it to positively change your life for the better.  We will be doing an energy exercise together during class so please bring a piece of jewelry or object that has either belonged to someone for a very long time, or holds sentimental value.
12-12-18 Planetary Hours and how the planets can strongly affect your spell manifestation:  This is NOT astrology!! Oh no!! Many do not realize the planets, moon, sun and other things in space may be used to affect our magickal workings that is not found under the guise of astrology.  I will teach you how to use a planetary hours calculator, what planetary hours really are and how the planets and stars and moons can make your spells manifest faster and more effectively!!  Although this is an advanced technique many witches and magickal practitioners do not work with, I am going to share this information so you can add it to your magickal arsenal.
12-19-18 Candle Magick:  Learn the basics of using one of the witches easiest, yet most effective, spell casting methods.  Candle magick has been around for a millennia and all religions and cultures have used it; hence the reason it still exists even 5,000 years after the first oil lamps lit the darkness.  I will teach you how to carve, anoint, charge and use candles to make your magickal desires manifest the way you want!
12-26-18 & 1-02-19  Winter Break No classes 
1-09-18 Next Wednesday Night classes which will be Stones, Crystals & Minerals please read descriptions above. 

These classes keep rotating and give us a call at Enchantments at 860-791-6033 to find out which class is being held that Wednesday night and we are also planning on putting this schedule on our website at very soon!!  You can also stop by the shop and pick up a printed copy of the upcoming classes to bring home with you! The classes are filling up, and when the get full we will consider offering yet another night of classes, but that is up to the number of students who continue to show up! 

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith 

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