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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Five Witches Herbs Everyone Must Have or Grow!

Greetings My Witchy Reader,

Especially this time of year, the end of spring and the beginning of the growing season there are so many herbs and plants, flowers, grasses, vegetables, fruits, trees, that a witch can plant to add to her magickal apothecary, but to get by with the basics and sometimes you only need the very basic of ingredients, the following five herbs will do for the majority of what you need:

Rosemary:  This heavily scented, strong, resinous, and long lasting herb, lasting even long after it has been dried is probably, if I had to choose one all around, all purpose herb, the one that will do the most magickal jobs, than any other herb in the cupboard. It has the ability to bring about pleasant memories, to change unpleasant memories into less harmful ones and it can neutralize bad memories from the past. Keeping it around can do this, smelling it, and burning it daily can eliminate unhappy connections to those who hurt you in the past.

In Medieval times it was burnt with juniper in sick rooms to purify the air and during this time it was hung around the neck to protect against the plague and a twig worn around the neck would protect against the evil eye.

There is even lovers lore around rosemary which says a man unable to appreciate the smell of rosemary is unable to give true love to a woman and that rosemary attracts good faeries yet hanging it over a baby's crib it prevents faeries from stealing infants!


This plant also called witches five fingered grass is known for it's many magickal drawing properties of love, money, protection, health and wisdom and is considered a mercury herb as it grows along the ground and is often known as a commonly called name as butter cups. It is an herb which is dried and can be burnt and carried in a pouch and can be boiled in a potion, it has many uses. It is found along waysides and fields and along roadways and is a common weed but is a jewel for a witch.

Always have cinquefoil on hand as it can do most of what you need and it's ability is stronger than most herbs.

Rose:  Has both love and protection and is considered a portal to another realm to the dream, astral plain. Regardless of color any rose plant, not just the flower but the plant and the thorns have this power and even the roots of the rose has this ability, as well as the oil and the water infused from this plant.

Sage:   A plant that is clean and sacred and has a divine energy and vibration. That when burned cleanses and eliminates frenetic, low level vibrational energies from an area, or room. There are many types of sages that can be used, some cleanse unwanted energies, some raise vibrational energies, some are good for culinary purposes, knowing the right sages for the proper reasons make all the difference in the world for your purposes.

Yet most important of all, all sages do not do the same thing as all other sages!! So NO, whereas from California to New England there are appx 47 types of sages or salvias with many varieties of these and several of them are called white sages. To assume any sage called white sage can be burned and used to eliminate unwanted energies and have it be effective is foolish. This is not the case. The sage pictured below is not a sage known for cleansing space of unwanted energies. If your sage bundle looks like this, and you did not know there are 900 species of sages in the world .  .  .  then you need to find someone that knows about sage, like the Witches of Enchantments!

Thyme:  This herb will bring in the faerie energies, especially where it grows wild. It brings in courage and for the Greeks it provided bravery, a pillow stuffed with thyme prevents nightmares and promotes positive and happy dreams, and wearing a sprig of thyme in your hair will make you more approachable!

Also used for courage, banishing negativity, purifying, cleansing, happiness, healing, love, prosperity, protection and divination. There are many types of thyme and a thyme garden can be difficult to establish but once it is set, if you are in the right environment it will grow and be very beautiful with the different textures and colors.

All of the above herbs have so much more magickal properties than simply the ones listed but there is always more than what is listed, always more than meets the eye. These five are a wonderful start to your dried or living herbal garden or herbal stock.

Have you Found the Magick Today? Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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