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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Five Magickal Witch Salts to Make and To Use !!

Greetings My Witchy Reader,

The most well known of the magickal witch salts is the black witches ritual salt and of course the white sea salt used to purify and protect and used in so many rituals and protective spells.

But there are other witch salts one can make and use and you can make these yourself and use them in various ways in your magickal practice. The reason this is a timely discussion is many of the ingredients that are used are flowers and plant materials that are now in abundance in your gardens.

The first and most famous of salts is the famous witches black salt. I disagree with those who simply mix black pepper in with salt, as that is a culinary mixture as far as I am concerned. But you need to do what you choose. I, use black salt for the protective purposes is has had for centuries and it has traditionally been sea salt or kosher salt mixed with charred iron scrapping from a cast iron cauldron. Which is what I use today, when making my won black salt. When purchasing black salt it should at least be carbon mixed with salt.

You may use charcoal and grind the salt up with it in a mortar and pestle or cook the salt with the cauldron and scrap  the residue in the bottom until it gets black. Adding a bit of charcoal helps the process along. Reminding it that heat and protection is it's purpose by getting it hot is very effective I find.

You can use this as a boundary along doorways to keep out those whom you feel are harmful, and any negative energies cannot find their way across this barrier of protection. Brick dust works the same way. I used to use brick dust often but my source became tainted so I now work with the black salt. You need to use what feels right for you. If any ingredient or supply causes you to feel ill at ease when using it, don't question why simply move onto something that seems to work better. The source of an ingredient, should you be aware of the source, is also important to the witch practitioner as all energies are considered when working magick.

Now onto some of the more unusual and fun salts! Such as red salt! So pretty and useful for passion, love, lust and also for bringing energy and excitement into your life. Especially if you have been down in the "dumps" or need a emotional or spiritual "pick me up" red salt can do this. First to make it.

Place sea salt or kosher salt (which will be the base for all of the recipes) in the mortar and pestle, no heat for this one, as we do not want it to get black. And grind it going deosil (clockwise) with paprika and if you desire a spicy touch to the situation (though keep in mind NONE of these salts are to be ingested in any fashion!!) you can add some cayenne pepper, the dried powdered variety. You may add some red food color (powdered is ideal) but if you have to add another form of food coloring, use the gel, very little at a time and mix well, so it does not clump and ruin the mixture. A bit of garnet powder can also be added and then this salt can be used by placing around a flaming red candle and placing stones of love drawing properties in the salt. Even a bowl of the salt near your bed will help drawn wanted energies to you. And could increase the libido, if desired.

Blue Witches Salt

The next witches salt is blue salt. The color of the salts is the magickal property, more so than really any of the herbs, and there is no essential oils being added so do not think this is some kind of herbal bath salt/oil type of thing happening here!! No, color is a magickal system, in and of itself. I am using some plants, flowers and herbs, for instance for this beautiful blue salt, I use blue iris and  other blue blossoms that are blooming in my garden from lilac and violet, and grind them up in a mortar and pestle. The blue salt then can have a pinch or two of blue food color and can be used for spells that I need protection  against the evil eye, harmful things said against me, communication and for spells strengthening the words I use and also court cases and eloquence. Blue is for the throat chakra and any magick to do with speech and persuasion and even manipulation using the tongue.

Green Witches Salt:

Next we can use green witches salt, made by grinding dried green herbs, the favorites being rosemary, dill, mints and your simple everyday witches green herbs into salt and mixing well. We can use this for abundance, wealth as well as physical health and anything having to do with the physical world. Abundance, fertility, growth, and sustenance. You can use your imagination as to how you may choose to  use it, but again even as you put it together and may say to  yourself, "Hmmm, all of these ingredients are edible, maybe I could cook with it and slide all of this over into kitchen witchery, do not do so. Keep the witches salts separate and the kitchen witchery separate.

These salts are used primarily as a strong protective, banishing and or drawing substance into your world. Magickal work done with food is more subtle and gentle and you do not want such strong energies entering your physical body. Having them around the house is fine, in the room is fine.

For instance we have a bowl of sea salt with rusted nails on the floor next to the front door of the store, most would not even notice and it is for protection. Even in a pinch I would never be tempted to use that salt to season my lunch!!

Orange Witches Salt:

You can even make a mixture of orange witches salt for change and reversal of your current situation and to bring about needed change of what is going on in your world. Orange can be made by finely shredding orange peel, only the peel, no pith, and chopping it finely and grinding it with the salt, adding any orange blossoms from flowers, or a few drops of orange food color but again keep the mixture as dry as possible. After every drop the mixture must be mixed thoroughly so there are no clumps. Even though above the blue salt is used in court cases, where you would be dealing with a judge and or jury, interestingly enough, any other legal matters, or any dealings with attorneys, the orange salt is the best colored salt to use. The color orange syncs up with legal energies and also give you extra protection against any nefarious energies that may be directed at you from any unscrupulous attorneys, and that is so often the case these days. :/

If you find yourself heading to a meeting where you will be sitting down with an attorney, perhaps one for the 'other side', have a small zip lock bag of the orange salt in your pocket, or in your billfold, even laying flat under your foot in your shoe. It will keep you protected.

Hindsight is always 20/20 so you know now!! Go prepared and all of these salts can help in so many ways and they are easy to make at home. Sea salt and or kosher salt is cheapest at the supermarket and all of the ingredients are very in-expensive and work really well.

After you make your salt, store it in a dry, sealed container. I like glass, but something where it will not get moist and keep it in a cool, dark place and use it whenever you need that extra ooomph to your magickal day!!

Have You Found the Magick Today?!    Ms. Faith

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