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Monday, April 30, 2018

When A Witch Loses A Familiar ~ How To Honor Them

Munchie McCann 7-04-1999  -  4-30-2018 

Dear Magickal Reader,

My sweet Munchie kitty, who I had from the earliest kitten days, for 18 and a half years, passed away just a couple of weeks ago.

I received Munchie as a tiny fluffy kitten for my birthday, at a backyard party at the end of August in 1999, from my sister Cindy. She gave her to me in a unique basket carrier unlike any I have ever seen and when she came out she was simply .  .  .  fluff.  Hahaha !! It would have been so easy name her Fluffy, or Cotton, or some such fuzzy, puffy sort of name but she had a hidden talent!

Yes, as soon as she was exposed to dry food, she never went back! And I mean never! She never ate a speck of wet cat food, people food, anything except for dry cat food and dry crunchie cat treats until the day she passed. As a matter of fact, she was named for the fact that as soon as she was around dry cat food she started to munch and crunch! Hence the name she wore proudly for the rest of her life "Munchie"

The first year of little fluffy Munchie's life was difficult as we had to have the house re-constructed and a lot of rebuilding and home improvement was done for almost a year. She was scared of the noise and we kept her as an inside cat as the out door cats in our neighborhood had never had the best life expectancy. So the poor baby developed PTSD (something we never though possible! But it is!!) and she was so scared of everything and everyone, she would never let anyone get close to her or touch her, and she spent her time sleeping behind sofas and where she could keep an eye on people, never letting anyone, even me, too close.

She would be around all of us, but she simply kept us at a distance. But we respected her wishes. It was a bit tricky, having to catch her to bring her to the vet for her shots every three years but we made it work, until surprisingly about 4 years ago. Munchie developed Diabetes!

Of course it was scary and we were very worried but with awesome veterinarian care and giving her her medication twice a day, she remained healthy and then something truly magickal happened! Munchie's PTSD faded away! She started to allow me to pick her up, she started coming up onto the bed to sleep during the day and wanting to crawl up on me to be cuddled at night! It was like having a whole different cat! We developed a bond, where in the end we had "cuddle time" twice a day, sometimes more, where I picked her up and cradled her and just rocked her and sang or hummed to her and she purred and her tail always flicked! It did not simply wave as many cats tails do, she flicked it with vigor and attitude! She did that right to the end, letting me know she was okay!!

"On the Stoop with My Diet Coke! Hahahaha  Kitties don't drink Diet Coke! Munchie always had a great sense of humor!!"

I knew her bones were getting tired with arthritis, so we put a set of steps on the side of the bed for her, and I took the time, every morning to put down all of my gear. My pocket book, my briefcase, my duffel bag with all of my books and research material, my lunch,  all I may have already picked up and on my way out the door to go to work, and I would put it all down to lean over and kiss her head and tell her I would be back soon and for her to wait for me.  My exact words were always "Make sure you are here when I come home."

Munchie had silly quirks that made her so unique. She liked to play with her fuzzy paws in her fresh water at night only, and after she had her fresh drink of water and she has stood for five or ten minutes in the water ( I always told her she was going swimming) then she would come to bed and liked to walk over me, maybe trying to keep me cool! But I never minded and she finally got comfortable enough to demand she lay on top of my chest at night for a half hour or so and she learned many words, especially "give me kisses" and she would lick my nose and rub her face against mine. She knew the words "water" and "drink", "treats" and "sleep" and I truly believe the Goddess made it possible for her and all animals to know, somehow inside the meaning of the word "love". I know Munchie knew the words "I love you", when I told her this. I have no question at all.  Scientists who study animals say that cats and dogs can understand a couple of hundred words fluently. I know this to be true with my cats. I can say a complete sentence and they will be off to do something or to go where I ask them to go.

   "Kisses on the nose"

Some nights she would be restless and would walk over my pillow, along the headboard from one side to the other until she found the side of my pillow that she found the most comfortable. During the day her favorite was to find a sunny spot for a little while and sleep in the sunshine spot.

She finally had her last day a few weeks ago, and she did as she had always promised. She waited for me to get home. She had been disoriented for a little while, and before I could get her to the vet, she had a seizure. Then I sang to her as I brought her to the vet and that seemed to bring her peace, and the wonderful vet and techs at the Bolton Vet helped her pass peacefully and with no pain. At 18 and a half years old. We were the best friends, the witch and her familiar and she knew I would always be there for her and I knew I always would be, there was never another thought, ever. 

It was curious, as even at the end there was no anxiety, or stress or a sense of needing to rush, if anything I took my time as I knew, and I wanted as much time with her as I could have. I am so content that I got it. 

I think the very worse, for me, is never knowing .  .  .  when that last moment .  .  .  is the last moment .  .  .  when you will see that special person .  .  .  or the last time you hear that loved voice .  .  .  or the last time you see someone's smile or feel their hug .  .  .  before they are no longer and only if you knew, .  .  .  it was the last time, for me, that would make things better, somehow. I'm glad I had that opportunity with Munchie. Both of us are at peace.

I have her ashes in a beautiful clay cauldron and her paw print and all are on my altar. I will be making a special spot for her cauldron and I will be putting photos of her up. There are many ways to remember and honor your familiar when they pass. Remember their magick was within them, so it does not have to be dissipated or eliminated in anyway.

Planting a garden spot for them, having a remembrance altar for all special souls in your life who have passed on,  making a crystal grid with their memory, perhaps with their picture as a background and silicone or glue the crystals to the grid to make them permanent and then it can be hung on the wall in the ancestor altar area.

For a cat, a center stone of cat's eye would be appropriate along with tiger's eye, surrounded by black tourmaline or morgano or morganite to connect with Bastet with the energies for which she is known for. Especially protection and love.

I have a friend who would brush her cat before she passed and would collect the fur and roll it into balls and then had those balls of fur and the cats energy after the cat passed and I like that so very much, as for me that has a better energy than the dead energy of the cremains.

Normally when a live pet is in magickal need a brown or dark green candle can be burned to bring them magickal energy to make them feel better or to get stronger after an illness or surgery, even to help them pass onto the other side with ease and little distress.

Once your familiar has passed you can burn purple or blue and white candles and I normally burn the candles, at night for a week or so. I like to imagine it helps light the way for my familiar to find her way to the other side. For cats I keep their whiskers (which have extreme magickal power, but only gather those naturally shed) in a heart shaped porcelain bisque box on my altar.

Most importantly do what feels right to you. Maybe you will create a new ritual or tradition for your fur friends when they pass? There is no wrong way to mourn their passing, but doing something is helpful and gives one a sense of closure which is so very important.

Also, in closing, do not be surprised if you have a sense of your loved familiar around, as if you sense them or can hear their collar jingling or hear them playing with a favorite toy, or even a faint meow. They are there and you can say hello. Some even feel a weight suddenly on their bed as if their pet had just jumped up. They did!  They may even send to you another to take their place, not that they do not miss you but they believe you absolutely need someone to take care of you and to look out for you and so somehow or someway you will find a fur friend come into your life.  This happens primarily when one pet passes and there are no others in the household and the owner is now alone. Soon a new fur baby will appear, as if led there by an angelic guide. Know when you are ready, then it will happen.

Most importantly, tell their story "sing their song" and they will always be remembered! I your lifetime you will have the wonderful opportunity to care for and be the magickal companion for many, many pets if you choose to. As long as you remember them, they will never be forgotten and one day you will be reunited with all of them. For we all go to the same place after we leave this earthly plane.

This was taken just before Munchie passed, on April 30, 2018. The eve of Beltane,  "Until I see you again, Sweet Munchie!! I will always love you, mom !!"

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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