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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Some Faerie Magick and Lore for the Spring

Greetings My Spring Witchy Readers,

Well, Spring / Summer is upon us, finally!! A happy day it is also!! No more of winter's cold grasp, and we are wishing Summer stays for it's promised 6 month time period. For this time of the year faeries and Spring time / Summer time go hand in hand.

There is so much legend and lore that surround faeries, that volumes of books, whole libraries could have been written about them, and why not? They are thought to have been around before the human race came to the earth.  That is a long, magickal history, indeed.

Most countries and cultures have some sort of faerie folk in their legend and history. Whether they be gnomes, elves, trolls, sprites, nymphs, or some other sort of nature based, hidden, magickal non human creatures that supposedly live among us. Most notably is the Irish faerie that people know so well.  I personally believe from my research and studies throughout the decades that one of the reasons the Irish faerie is so well known is frankly because the Irish are such legendary story tellers! They have kept the stories and fairy tales and legends about the faeries going and fresh by repeating the stories for generations.

Now the first thing to know is faeries do not really tend to look like 'Tinkerbell" from Peter Pan but they can be little and or big, some have wings, not all though, and some are beautiful and pretty and some well .  .  .  not so pretty! Some can be helpful and nice and others can be spiteful and punishing. One must be very respectful when encountering any of the "Gentry", as they are also known. They are not fond of being referred to as "The Wee Folk". 

Probably the most important to realize is faeries are a race of magickal folk who inhabited the earth long before humans, and are not animal, vegetable or mineral nor human, but are a magickal creature made up of .  .  .  we are not sure what exactly! But they are sparkly at times, can absolutely glow, as I saw one once with my own eyes and it did indeed glow a beautiful, soft white light, and it was almost dark at twilight. They can be any size and they are here to aid the earth. Read that again. Without a doubt they are here to aid the Earth. I did not say humans, but the Earth.

Soooo .  .  .  lately with the current, ahem, state of world affairs, for what they are, I have heard people exclaim and worry if the world will survive the current Presidential Administration? What with Presidential Orders being signed at lightening speed to allow unnecessary trophy hunting of endangered species, allowing dangerous hazardous to the environment practices to continue, pulling out of global accords and agreements with other world nations that all wish to come together for one thing and one thing only, to ensure the clean, healthy, sustainable future for our planet, so I do not blame these people who express such concerns.

As a Pagan, an environmentalist, a lover of this world I will state it as I see it. There simply is no room, not even the tiniest inch for discussion about possible differing points of view when it comes to the continued existence of our planet vs. very, very rich people (call them corporations if you will but they are still being propelled by people) becoming more and more rich and not giving a single damn about a moment in time the second after their death. No, there is no other side of this coin, there is no "alternative facts", there is no "insider information we are not being made aware of".

We have an "entity" because a proper word has not been invented yet for "it" in the Pacific Ocean more than double the size of Texas, made up of human created plastics, and garbage materials. Not one country in the world will lay claim to this horrible tragic mess, leaving it up to private individuals to try to clean it up. More tragic still, is that this mass of garbage is only one of 5 that inhabit the world's oceans!  If you enjoy seafood, today, the day will come in your life, unless you are late in life, where you will see the end to our consumption of the oceans seafood.

The reason I am writing about this, is there is no Republican, nor Democratic, nor Christian, nor any other group, culture or belief that has any standing in any argument when it comes to the state of our world. We need to protect Her, because there is no Plan B. We are the guardians of Her for the children and the next generation, and what the current Presidential Administration and various politicians wish to do simply out of pique because of differences of whatever, it seems things as silly as the color of one's skin? How could that be possible? But all of that nonsense aside I say these things, with one point.

We are capable of destroying our ability to inhabit this Earth, we can easily see how quickly we have come so close to doing so in a little more than 100 years of industry but when we are gone, the Earth will  survive as will the faerie folk. For they inhabit the middle Earth. The middle Earth I refer to is inside this earth, they travel there through faerie mounds and enter through caverns.

I have read theories published by some scientific sorts over the years, who, while regarded as mavericks in the scientific community, have come closer to having their theories being regarded as something to be considered.  They persist in saying that instead of dumping toxic, and nuclear wastes deep into mine shafts and caverns deep into the earth instead these chemicals need to be exposed to the elements and after a period of time exposed to the sun, wind, rain, and air that they will eventually neutralize and become as if biodegraded. I don't know if such a thing could be true, but I really like to think so.

We already have seen proof of plastics that supposedly would take hundreds of years to decompose, sitting outside in the elements after a few years start to break apart and turn to dust, plastic dust, but still break down as we had been led to believe could not happen just 20 years ago.

Scientists that study the earth and it's natural growth say that in a mere 6-10 years after the last human leaves the earth, should that ever happen that the earth would overgrow and take over and obliterate everything as if it had never been here? Wow, think of that the next time you're pulling weeds and trimming the lawn!

It is frankly stupid for any human to think we live in spite of the earth, when we live with Her and need to respect Her. When I see in the parking lot next to my store, people will drop on the ground trash, garbage from their cars, with not a single thought. It blows my mind!! To me, that is the very same as if I were to throw that garbage down in my living room.  I do find it interesting that no one ever throws garbage on my parking lot, hmmmm, maybe the fact they know a witch is in residence?

No one ever likes being turned into a newt! hahaha  The faeries will help you keep your yard, your environment safe, healthy and green, just pay attention to some bits of faerie lore and information about them.

Faeries like gifts!  Let's put it right out there!!  A faerie offering is always a nice way to start. And it needn't be expensive or fancy, no no. A small pretty ceramic bowl, or a small bowl made out of stone or crystal, the mall being a key factor and pretty, a few small tumbled crystals or stones.  Or place a small bowl or plate with a strawberry or a few fresh blueberries, a little cup, like a Dixie cup if you do not have glass mini chalices, and fill with some sparkling juice.

I like to go to the dollar store and get bags of colored glass stones. They are usually sold to put into vases to hold flowers, but I throw them by the handful outside, all over the walkways, where I won't mow with the lawnmower. It doesn't matter with winter they survive the snow and are there in the spring. I always smile when I see the colorful, twinkly, sparkly glass.

Try to stay away from pesticides as they kill the bees and the spiders and all the beneficial insects we need to keep this planet alive! And please let the dandelions grow!! They are the first food for the bees in the spring. As far as human safety if you put pesticides and herbicides on your grass you need to be very aware if you allow pets and children or anyone to walk and play or to do important faerie based things. Such as looking for the faerie troupe:

If you have a garden out of doors and you go out, quietly, and sit on the ground, butt on the ground so the earth's energies can co-mingle with yours, and wait patiently .  .  .  you just may be lucky enough to see the faerie troupe parade by with the faerie king in the lead with his scepter held high! If you listen carefully you will hear the faerie music, but take care not to speak or draw any attention to yourself.

Also, it is traditional on the morning of Beltane (May Day) to go out and lay out on the grass, and take a small vial, a tiny cup or bottle and collect the tiny dew drops off of the blades of grass. If you are very quiet and careful, you might look across the grass and see other faeries doing exactly the same thing! This Beltane dew drops is very special elixir indeed and can be used for various magickal potions, especially potions designed to keep one looking youthful and vibrant.

Of course should you happen to wander about and somehow find yourself having taken the wrong path, or somehow wandered into faerie land it is very important to never eat or drink anything, no matter how thirsty or hungry you are. Even if offered by the Faerie King himself, no no! Or else you will find yourself trapped in the faerie world for a very long time, years and years.

Faeries also like to be treated with respect, a polite "how do you do?" when you happen to meet one is always appropriate. Never, ever break a promise to a faerie or oooooh (shudder) well, that is never good just trust me!

Yes, sadly, should you break a promise to a faerie, it is similar to breaking a promise to a witch! You will  bring darkness upon your life and unhappiness. So it is simply best to not make promises in the first place if you are at all worried about being able to keep your promises.

You can speak aloud to them out of doors and they will hear you. You may find some of your out door work done easier or quicker than you remember? Flowers may bloom brighter, and more birds, bees and butterflies will frequent your yard.

Putting little faerie houses is nice, and welcoming if you like the look but it is not necessary, as faeries are quite adept at finding and making perfectly lovely places to live all on their own. But they do appreciate the humans intentions.

They do like as many brightly colored flowers as possible and the nicest smelling ones also. Also faeries are the fondest of the hidden world. Mmmmm, yes indeed. You may wish to put a hidden small garden tea table with a cast iron chair or two, inside of a trimmed out evergreen bush against your house so you can see out to the street but no one can see you. Yes, it can be human sized, but the faeries will appreciate you hidden efforts!

Stones shaped like hearts, or other special shapes have meaning and special significance and anything that is special to you, will be special to the faeries as have you guessed it yet? The faeries represent a bridge of sorts. Where it leads and what it attaches you to? Well, that is up to you to determine, but the faeries are here. They will help us, if we take the time and effort to help ourselves or they will stand by and pick up the pieces after we are gone.

What can I do, you ask? Well there is a  lot that seems so much bigger than us, but it is really the small things that can make a difference.

I am switching to using stainless steel straws, and never using plastic straws again. I already use stainless steel chop sticks and have not used a disposable chop stick in several years.  I will talk to my local coffee shop about how I can use a permanent cup daily and not a disposable one, and simply one step at a time, go on from there and see how much I can reduce my carbon footprint.

We simply can't wait for our government to do so, they are too busy deflecting, making up excuses for this or that and tweeting. In the meantime our planet is dying and the faeries are waiting, will we or won't we?

What will I do?  That is what i will ask myself each day.

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Blessings, Ms. Faith

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