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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Talismans and Amulets To Cast A Shield Around You!

Good Evening My Magickal Reader,

Goodness, there is all sorts of magickal energies swirling around out there lately!! I myself have felt them as well as people coming into Enchantments asking for help with one sort of issue or another. Interestingly enough the majority of most people's issues have to do with interpersonal relationships, for isn't that what life is all about. . .  living?  Yes we work, and by doing so we draw financial energies and keep abundance and security and shelter around us.  Yet it is really, most common for people to come in asking advice or magickal assistance in regards to an issue with another person.

Now, that person could be a co-worker, many times it is a troublesome family members, oh goodness those abound indeed!  Yet, lovers issues are also common, sometimes lack of love, or challenges with a lover, and then there is the social friends and acquaintance issues. People and how we interact with them truly do affect our lives in so many varied ways.

Have you noticed  though, we seem to make the same mistakes when it comes to dealing with the same "types" of people? Perhaps we are too soft hearted and we fall for the same type of "sob story",
maybe we are easily duped into allowing certain people into our lives that are not healthy, or are not loving, encouraging or supportive? Do you allow manipulative, or abusive, harmful or even people that use and take advantage of you into your life again and again?

Well, there are several magickal methods for dealing with all sorts of personal inter-relationship issues, but one of the most effective ones is an amulet / talisman created and charged by you, especially to keep these harmful, or unwanted and undesired people from entering your life at all!! Yes! You can actually create a piece of jewelry that in effect surrounds you with a shield of specific energy, designed by you.

Now this energy can keep a certain type of person away, or more accurately, be a warning device that awakens within you "warning bells" when that type of person comes near, so you can more easily identify them and be prepared and braced before they try to work their nefarious charms on you.

This energy imbued into your amulet / talisman can also repel a certain type of person you wish to keep away from you. This works well to keep dangerous, really harmful people away from you. This is especially good if you work or live in an area of high crime or perhaps need to travel through an area at late times of night, when few people are around.  This type of energy will work to make you 'invisible' to anyone looking for easy prey, you simply will not be visible to anyone wishing harm.

Now, do not be discouraged if you think I mean you to get out your blacksmith's forge and anvil and hammer! No, no, you do not have to fashion a pendant out of silver or gold from scratch! No, the best thing is to take a pendant, or a ring, even a bracelet you may already have. You may, of course, purchase one for this purpose also. I do not like the idea of using earrings as the two once charged together then need to be separated to be placed on either side of the head and the energy feels weaker, plus they would tend to be smaller by nature. Even a ritualistic, jeweled belt of sorts could work in this regard. But the more often you can wear this piece the better, as your energy will enforce and enhance the powers you put into the piece you choose and charge.

Firstly, should you do a bit of research you will see that today amulets and talismans are used almost interchangeably and it was only in the most ancient of days that the difference in their names and purposes really mattered. For historical sake, an amulet is designed to be protective only, whereas a talisman is designed for every other purpose, from love, healing, bringing in good luck, repelling harmful and evil energies, etc.

For simplicity let us say amulets are meant to repel that which is harmful, and talismans are meant to draw in that which is positive and helpful.  Yet, nowadays one can actually look up various definitions and see the two words used to describe each other, such as "An amulet is a talisman designed to .  .  .  "

I'll tell you a secret, it does not matter what you call it. Well, you can actually name your talisman should you wish to. remember, one of the most famous talisman's know to readers of modern literature and fans of modern cinema, in this case a ring .  .  .  one ring to rule them all .  .  .  Gollum called the ring "My Precious" , even though the ring's actual name was Narya, and this absolutely exemplifies a talisman .  .  .  or was it an amulet? Well, in the story where the ring first appears, The Hobbit, it has the power of invisibility so it is a talisman.

Now let us get to the business of creating your amulet / talisman. Choose a pendant or some sort of piece of jewelry, that you know does not have conflicting energies from others on it. The longer you have owned it the better, or if it is brand new, even better. Try to avoid pieces from antique stores or tag sales, estate sales, as they carry too much "baggage" riding along.  Yet older family pieces of yours are fine, especially a piece that may have belonged to a cherished family member.

After you have the item you wish to make into your special talisman (which will be the term I will use for ease of writing for the duration of this discussion) then you need to decide upon it's intended job. It's function. What will it do for you? How will it serve you? Then once you have it's job well defined, and no .  .  .  it cannot do more than one job. Also beware of having a necklace of many talismans, reminiscent of the character of Benni in the movie "The Mummy" whom had a dozen religious icons around his neck, from every known religion to hedge his bets, hoping that one would save him from the mummy!!

You may charge and enchant more than one talisman, and have more than one with a different purpose for each, but it is best to wear one at a time. Or to have a regular one to always wear and perhaps to wear another for special occasions along with the regular, every day one.

Now you have your talisman, and it can be any piece of jewelry you wish. It does not have to be a religious symbol, or a magickal symbol, or even a symbol at all. It could be a locket, or a Cameo, a key, a moon, a star, a sun, a crystal or a stone, any item that can be worn that can have magickal energy imbued into it.

These symbols are some commonly recognized symbols from around the world. Other talismans many are familiar with are the four leaf clover for luck, the heart shape for love, the rabbits foot for luck (though I always wondered how unlucky it was for the poor rabbit!) even in modern times a yellow ribbon means remembrance, and the ribbon image has crossed so many lines to represent many different causes.

So, now I will assume you have chosen your piece of jewelry and your talisman's specific job you wish it to do for you. Now the best herb to get is Angelica root as it will create a barrier and a shield which will surround you with the energies you desire. If you cannot acquire Angelica root, though it is available at health food stores and magickal herb shoppes, you can substitute rosemary to do the job. When you have the herb of choice, steep it in boiling water until it makes a brew. It is not to be drunk. Once it is steeped in the water, for about 15-20 minutes, then take a piece of paper and write on it the intention of the spell.

Write the 'job description' of the talisman on the paper. What will it do for you? How will it serve you? Then take the paper and wrap it around the piece of jewelry if it is metal or a material where it will not burn or catch fire.  At Enchantments we use flash paper in our rituals and in spells like this one. It burns, as its name suggests, in a flash and nothing and no one is hurt in the process the flash is so fast and even holding onto the paper as it burns, it will not burn your fingers.

After you have wrapped the paper around the talisman, light it on fire and let the paper burn away. Do this over a cauldron or censor so it does not drop burning embers on anything flammable. Then as soon as the paper falls away, douse the piece of jewelry in the Angelica water. Allow it to rest in the water for a few minutes. Do not rinse off. Let the moisture evaporate off of the piece.

Then take the piece into your magickal circle, and this is best done during an esbat and put the talisman through the incense smoke, through a candle on the altar and then slightly dip it, just a little touch into the blessed water.

Then place on altar pentacle for a while and at the end of the ritual you may place it on your body and it is charged, enchanted and told what to do to envelop you with the awareness, the magickal ability to protect yourself or to deal with people around you more effectively and with more success.

There is no need to use an incantation with this unless you feel that one you create will give the spell more power then by all means add this to the mix. This is the base and anything you add or use to enhance this spell will only make it more powerful and more your very own.

The key is, you must wear the piece as it will grow in strength the more you wear it. It does not dissipate and get weaker as you wear it as some feel magickal objects do hence the need to re-charge them under the moon, or rebuild their power at various times in various ways. No, no, this talisman grows stronger by your wearing it and your personal power and energy makes it get stronger and more powerful, especially as you touch it and think about the shield it has around you.

It is that simple, but simple can be deceptive as simple is not necessarily weak, by any means.

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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