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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Do you End Up Cursing Yourself?

Good Evening My Witchy Reader,

Some discussion topics come to me by way of the clients, customers and students I work with weekly, as this one has.  Over the past several weeks and months I have counseled so many people who truly feel they are cursed and in some ways they are! Yes! I, Ms. Faith have said those words!! Those of you who know me and have read my words are thinking .  .  . what??? Has she gone off the deep end?!! Hahaha, no, not quite, but whereas I do not believe others are capable of casting spells against you to effectively do anything to you at all, simply because magick does not work that way.

But!! Having said that,  I do allow for the very strong possibility that we are capable of cursing ourselves. Yes, we, ourselves, are more than capable of cursing ourselves, and this is my discussion with you this evening.

Guilt or remorse is one of the strongest causes for "self cursing", as I will call it for this conversation. For example take a situation where someone has betrayed a good friend, or family member, deceived, lied, stolen from or done other hurtful things which caused the end of the relationship and created pain and distrust as well as fostered anger and intense upset emotions. Well, of course those kinds of negative energies and behaviors will indeed have karmic feedback, pretty intense karmic feedback, but instead of simply walking away and expecting to turn your back and finding that it all goes away, even if you never see your antagonist again   Even if you never see the one who hurt you again, you may find yourself haunted or in your mind cursed.  They stay in your mind long after you should have forgotten them and the wrong things you did to them, (remember, you are the bad guy in this scenario, as we are talking about you cursing yourself).

Simple things like seeing red roses your friend always adored will bring the magnitude of your "karmic crimes" back to your mind to visit you every single time, or perhaps it is every time you see the full moon, or when you smell steak cooking on the grill, or maybe when you see a car the same make or model that your best friend drove before you borrowed all of that money and promised to return it and then never returned his calls or ever made contact again?

People have come to me with all sorts of stories, circumstances and situations and wondering how is it possible for that person, who may never have even been a magickal person, to put a spell on them? Or to curse them? And the most sad of all, how to remove such a thing? Well, they are not pleased to know that they themselves are the cause of their "curse" and to remove it?

Hmmmmm, for some of them, considering some of the hurtful things they did  to people who were completely innocent and whose only fault were they were family or friends of these people I am hesitant to say, as a part of me feels they deserve the karmic feedback they suffer from. But, then again, there is a good chance they would not be reading this discussion anyways, besides if they were to actually go to the effort to attempt the "cure" for removing their "self-imposed curse", it would take a lot of self reflection, behavioral change and in some cases psychiatric therapy.

I'm serious. For to take their "curse" away they would need to make amends to those they hurt, and I don't mean the 5 minute "I'm so sorry" exchange you see portrayed on television as shown to be part of a twelve step program. No, no. It takes so much more than that. You see, if the "karmic crime" is severe enough it will stay with a person's soul through lifetimes, to come back to them and to manifest in another fashion in another lifetime.

Yes, now doesn't that sound formidable? Yes, the crap you have delivered to that innocent person, simply because you couldn't take the heat, or the hit or the blame or the responsibility, (take your pick here), It will continue to haunt them in this lifetime and will walk with them as their shadow and into their next lifetimes and they will never be free of it's clutches.

Some people try to free themselves of it by drinking, or doing drugs or even trying to convince themselves the other person was somehow deserving of the treatment, or somehow brought it on themselves, but they know deep down inside the truth. Because if that were the truth, then .  .  .  why the "haunting"? Why always reliving the guilt and the remorse? For instance, every time you see the full moon? If one were so innocent, that hollow pit in your soul when you reflect back on that person you "did wrong" simply wouldn't be there.

There is one area I want to specifically address. Karma. I have had so many people over they years come to me and tell me about this person or that person who does all sorts of terrible things to others, treats people terribly, but "Nothing ever happens to them!"  and they are very skeptical as to whether "this karma" really works or not!

I assure you it does. This is how I know. Because I am also sitting down with clients just like those my other clients complain never have "Karma" visit them, and "they always come out smelling like a rose!".  Well,  you may not be in a position to see close enough, or to have "inside information" regarding the person who you feel is so terrible, but I assure you, karma works like gravity and is not attached to any religious system or belief.

You do  not have to believe in gravity to hold an apple, open your hand and see the apple fall to the floor, or even to expect such a thing, and know it will happen. It is a universal principle. It simply is. This is the same with karma, as much as there are people out there that want you to think Karma only happens to others, because they just do not believe in it, so therefore it won't touch them. They can say or do anything they wish to and it will not touch them.

Well, these people share with me how karma does touch their lives and if you pay close attention you can see it yourself.  Is that guy that stepped all over your feelings a "player"?  He looks confident, and self assured doesn't he? Like he has it all together?  Yet be absolutely sure, you are not the one he is calling to tell every time someone blows him off, when every time a new girl tells him she is "looking for someone different", or when he is working late in his office because he has convinced himself he wants to be working that hard instead of being out having fun with friends.

He won't tell you his behavior and attitude towards you and others has caused him to have very few real, sincere friends.  Oh yes, he is surrounded by people he pays, employees and those who fawn over him, but no one he can trust.  Karma visits everyone. Even if you do not get a front row seat to see the show.

I tell this also to people who have loaned money and then sit and wait and stew for it to be returned. It may take years, if at all. In the meantime, these  people are not living in the lap of luxury, no indeed. They tend to live hand to mouth for their lifetime, and it is better if you do loan money to consider it a gift and not expect it back. Ever. Then if it does find its way back to you, it is a happy surprise and that is all.

The hardest lesson in this cauldron of self cursing, and this is the trickiest.  When you find yourself getting all uptight and stressed because someone close to you, someone you trusted, someone you felt you cared about, tells you the truth about something.  Well, first we get offended, because that is what we do nowadays, rather than actually considering if there is any truth in the actual words.

We do not even take into account how it was presented. Did the person say it to you in a cruel, hurtful manner? Call you out in front of others? Or did the person tell you in a way that tried to spare your feelings but needed to get a point across?

So check your feelings and see if your feelings are in a proper place or if you are being childish and insecure? Or simply disrespectful and rude. We simply cannot go throughout our day to day life and not be honest with people and we need to accept that at times we are told things we do not want to hear, but we soldier on and get things done and learn from the experience.

Those who can hear things about themselves and allow that feedback to make them better people will go far on the witches path, those who crumble and cave to peer pressure and find themselves pointing fingers at all of those who did and said "wrong" things to them, well  .  .  .  be sure you are not one who plays at being a witch, but actually live the life.               

Live, Laugh and Always Love!! Ms. Faith

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