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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Contemporary New England Witch Is Back and Better than Ever!

Greetings My Witchy Reader,

Some of you may have noticed I took a month off from my writing to you and I am back. I needed some time to rest, reflect and come back from dealing with some negative, harmful people. I do not believe in curses, or that truly evil people exist but my most recent experiences have brought me the closest to changing my mind than I have come in my entire life. But I needed to step back and look at things from a distance to realize that some people, are simply, at their very core, mean, petty, cruel, childish, jealous and hateful. Adults who act like middle school bullies and who go out of their way to hurt others and then revel in the fall out and chaos they try to create.

So, rather than writing, I have spent time, magickally protecting myself and loved ones from the evil intentions of others, by using defensive magick, protective magicks, and I will tell you the secret, the strongest, protective magicks of all are just like everyone found out at the end of the Harry Potter series of books, is .  .  .  love.  Yes, the author did know what she was writing about, at least in that area of magick. Love can and will conquer all.

Even if you cannot see the results in this lifetime, or in your situation. The hardest thing to do is to get over the anger, the hurt (or at least try to put it aside) and you may have to dig very, very deep at times and try to find the forgiveness, not only for the other person, but for yourself, and then send out love. If there are any others who do not deserve your love and have just stirred the cauldron to cause hurt and pain, enjoying the misery they have caused, then what you do in that situation is to neutralize them.

Yes, that's right, neutralize them. Bring them, in your mind to a place, surrounded by  colorless mists. No actual color, or grey, or as colorless as you can make it. Then in your mind imagine them, a picture of them, simply fading out, and becoming transparent. With no substance. No energy, nothing. Neutral. Where they will eventually fade away into nothingness, in your life. Never imagine harm of any sort befalling them, as those who follow my writings and lessons understand that which we send out does indeed come back to us, and why would we send harm to return to us? That is as childish as the poisonous childish bully we are trying to neutralize in the first place. 

There will be no more anger, never hold a grudge, goodness that will keep them bound to you for eternity! Yikes! How horrid would that be!!?? Oh, and NEVER do a binding spell on them! So many people try to do that! You must be careful. You can of course bind their evil, wicked tongue and vicious slander, should that be the case. But never bind them. As they will only follow you throughout your lifetime and possibly beyond.

No, you want to work hard to eliminate any and all emotions concerning them, so do what you need to do. Write them a letter, an email. Send it. It does not matter if the person reads the note, that is not important. They may even throw away the letter or delete the email, the important thing is you sent it. You put it out into the universe. It is for you anyways, not for them. Most likely they won't get it, especially if they were the person who initiated the hurt and pain to begin with. Send them forgiveness, love and acceptance. Most likely it will twist their messed up brains simply because they are not capable of that level of evolved consciousness. And that is just an extra benefit! Giggle. Also if and when they see you sending them forgiveness and love and acceptance that will baffle them.

Yes seriously, sending out the love and light, blessings and acceptance of who they are. You do not have to be forgiving of what they did to you, just forgiving them of who they are, even of their dark ways. Knowing that many times, the darkness has consumed them, and it is beyond their ability to free themselves. That they are as miserable as you feel they must be, even if they do not seem to be. The vital thing for you though, is to get yourself out of the darkness they have tried to drag you down into with them and to bring yourself back into the light. You can do this by burning love candles, and wishing only loving energies to surround you. If you can imagine the person hurting you, then imagine loving energies surrounding them and that will return to you also, only love, and happiness and good things.

If you are still in a place of hurt, or fear, or trauma then do not think of them at all and only think of yourself. By burning a black candle on Saturdays, every Saturday with a short, simple incantation while holding your hands out towards the candle right after you light it, say aloud "As this candle burns so bright, my connection to (their name) is severed this night, as I will it, three times three, an' it harm none, So Mote it Be!" Imagine scissors snipping a cord between you and the other person, and it is done. Snip, snip.

No, you will not forget this person, but it will allow you to remember the good memories and allow the painful memories to pass into the mists of time. It will allow you to get on with your life and to move forward. It will allow you to severe the unhealthy connection that we at times find a long term relationship, be it a friendship, or a marriage, or a work relationship, or a family relationship, any of which may have gone bad, has developed into and none of these simply go away on their own. They must be severed specifically and with intent or things like grudges remain and hard feelings and pain and sadness and all sorts of karmic gunk.

Now, having said that, all you can do is severe it from your end. What happens on their end is not up to you and you have no responsibility nor do you have any expectations of doing anything to fix things for them. Let them deal with what they have created, as Karma will visit those who She has determined requires a visit. And She will. It is best that you stay far away from the work She has to do. It is not you or anything to do with you, but their own actions that will come back to them, so stay far away from it. That is the safest place to be. In reality and magickally, keep yourself far, far away.

Again, in conclusion I caution you as strongly as I can, never fall into the open cesspit of revenge and vengeance in your pain and desire for magickal payback. It will never work as you choose.  Now, feel free to write your feelings down, the hurt, the betrayal, the emotions all that you wish to express. You can even send it to them if you choose. It does not matter if they actually read your words, because you have no control over whether they open your letter or email, if they read the words, or discard or delete. It only matters that you got the emotions out, the poison out of you and sent it out into the universe. If they were meant to read your words, trust me, the universe has a way of making things that are meant to happen, happen.

Now for those of you paying particular attention, you will have noticed at the beginning of this discussion, I mentioned protective and defensive magicks. Yes .  .  .  yes I did! Well, yes there are other things that can be done to help protect you from the harmful energies directed at you and even physical actions, behaviors and vicious words, slander and gossip of people intent on causing you hurt and harm.

Aha I have your attention, well good. Then my next discussion I will have for you in a few days. I will discuss various ways and spells to protect yourself from specific individuals. Protective and defensive magicks. No, no, not curses, not at all. Never sending out harmful or destructive or evil intentions and never intending for anyone to be harmed in anyway. Only sending out, remember, what will come back to you and keeping others from harming you with their behavior, actions, words and lies. In the end, yes, many times their evil ways, through the magick of karma finds it ways back to them, but that is not you. That is the way karma works.

So, my magickal witchlings, it is so good to be back. I have missed writing for you and I hope most of you have stayed and have not left me. I needed time to regroup and get my magickal spark back and I have it. So I will be back soon with more magick and fun and witchy lore and legend from your Contemporary New England Witch!


Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith


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  1. Thank you. You are a wonderful example for everyone!

  2. Sorry to hear you had a rough time. Glad to have you back. I look forward to your wisdom and this site. You were missed. As far as the negative people. I'm listening to 10-10-10. It's a book on tape, it means 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years, how important are these people/things to you. Peace.