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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Protective Defensive Magicks For You and Your Loved Ones

'The Magic Circle' by John William Waterhouse c.1886

Greetings My Witchy Readers,

I am very often asked by many people, both by those who follow a magickal path and by those who do not,  for help on dealing with hateful, mean, harmful people, who affect their lives in ways that many times results in actual damage of a sort. Whether the damage is psychological, or emotional, it can be damage which results in a loss of a job, or a friendship (s), reputation, and many times deals with a person or people who for whatever reason have decided to target you.

I have heard of stories that deal with people from co-workers who wish to take another's job, position or credit for work done and receive promotions and financial reward in the job place, to people in the family system, especially when someone new is introduced into the family system and personalities clash, to when friends individuals or a group of friends bring in a new person and then again, personalities start to clash and troubles arise, causing all sorts of issues and problems. It is also very common for there to be problems with neighbors, whether longtime neighbors or new neighbors, but suddenly there is controversy and words are exchanged and then bad blood arises.

Often when situations like this arise it can be resolved by talking to the person, either agreeing to disagree and setting down some boundaries especially if you need to work or socialize with the person, but enter in the person who is mentally on the edge of instability. This is seen in the person who insists there is something in the relationship that isn't there. The person that violates your privacy in your work environment or your personal environment yet insists they have every right to do so and feels no guilt or remorse, feeling completely entitled. Some people with these potentially dangerous tendencies, and yes, these tendencies can flash over into possible dangerous behavior which is why we are discussing protective and defensive magickal measures.  These people are emotionally stuck in a childish place where they feel there needs and wants come before all others. It is a 'mine, mine, mine' mentality, with no maturity, no common sense and no respect for others and other relationships and others feelings are never taken into account.

Some people with these potentially dangerous tendencies are very adept at convincing others of your wrongs, at what you did to them, at how they have been wronged and they will try to bring as many people into their drama as possible, people that have nothing to do with any of it, just to bolster their delusions, to make themselves feel in the right, to give themselves credibility because they know deep inside they are truly in the wrong, but if enough people can be made to believe their nonsense, if they scream their victimization loudly enough, then somehow, someway they feel vindicated. These people are controlling, bullying and domineering and will simply refuse to give any quarter to anyone else. They believe they are completely right and everyone else that disagrees is wrong. They will try to make your life a living hell, and woes the poor bastard that finds themselves living or working in close quarters with this type of person. For once the mask slips, it can never be properly fitted back again. Once others have seen them for who they really are, the gig is up, as the old saying goes.

Remember, normal, sane, mentally stable people who simply do not like you will work with you, may be in your circle of acquaintances, may even be a part of your family, or extended family and they will simply leave you alone, or have little to do with you. To the normal, mentally healthy person, if they do not like someone they have nothing to do with that person or people, they would rather have nothing to do with them, or as little as possible. But the ones we need to worry about, the people who are the trouble makers are the ones who 'stir the cauldron' and continue to harass you, continue to poke at you, who keep contacting you, who keep reaching out to you, who keep making the comments, knowing it is getting to you. There are things, magickally that you can do, to protect yourself. To rid yourself of these pests, to clean your life of these hateful, nasty, sick individuals.

So, if you feel you are the victim of one of these people, and know that you may indeed feel as if you are the one going a bit crazy. That somehow they have caused you to lose your balance. You have not, the sociopath and many times this is what this personality type is, they are the one who enjoys doing this to you, and they are experts at doing this to you. Sick individuals enjoy hurting and tormenting others. But also realize you cannot do anything to change them, so please do not waste your time attempting this futile effort. All you can do is protect yourself and place defensive magicks between you and them. A wall of defensive magicks.

You do have magickal options. Firstly, if it is possible, smudge your area with desert sage. Please, please PLEASE DO NOT USE white garden sage, which has the big fuzzy leaves. Yes it is sold all over the United States and will do nothing to cleanse an area of harmful, negative energy. Which is why so many people have to smudge again and again and again. You must use the sage brush called desert sage from the Southwest of the United States, which does cost a bit more but it does work. This is key.

Now, many people say that in their workplace they are unable to smudge, or if you have sensitive smoke alarms or fire sprinklers, that is okay. You can get Florida water and wipe down all surfaces with it. Once at a recent fair, a lady commented that our Florida water was a bit pricey and she had bought some for a couple of dollars. I do not know what she bought, but sadly there are a lot of frauds out there. Florida water, when made properly takes about a month to make and a bottle will cost about $8-13.00 so make sure you are buying the correct stuff. If you are buying a bottle, even if it has the correct label and it is only costing you $3.00 retail, it has been emptied and refilled with water and maybe some fake scent. The exception is if it is purchased at such a large retailer that they can buy in bulk like a huge company like Walmart. But then it may have been sitting around for many, many months and if so, in different temperatures it may no longer have any magickal ability.

Now be mindful, these are NOT curses at all. I do not practice curses, and find them to be harmful to the witch, and not effective to the person they are sent towards. No, these spells are only to protect you from any malevolent energies being sent to you, and if there are none then any and all spell energy will fall harmlessly flat and be rendered mute. Yet, if there is malevolent harmful energies being directed at you then these spells will protect you, shielding you in a sphere of protection and the karmic feedback will return quickly and viciously back to the hateful one sending you their negative energies.

The next thing you can do, if you know the person who is causing you torment and you wish to be free of their hatred and jealousy, their evil intentions and their direct hurtful energies aimed at you. Lemons. Lemons have been used for centuries for cleansing, banishing and protecting. They cleanse parasites out of the body and home, they clean bacteria out and keep our bodies from sickness. You can keep the nasties from harming you and from settling around you, and affecting your happiness and energy sphere by boiling a pot of water, just a couple of cups of spring water, in which you have chopped up a half dozen bright yellow, ripe, beautiful lemons, rind and all.  As the water comes to a simmer, stir the pot counterclockwise, and now that we are in a digital age and many have never seen a clock with hands !!! you are stirring the pot towards the left, going widdershins. As you do so, see the steam rise up and imagine the steam making a wall of strong protective energy, between you and the negative one, the steam of the lemons banishing that hurtful person from your life.

As the steam and water boils imagine in your minds eye that person fading, fading, fading getting more and more translucent and becoming what they really are, nothing.  .  .  a person of no substance, no character, no love and light, as they fade from your life .  .   .   and if you are not able to wish them well then just allow them to fade away.  .  .  to be gone .  .  .  keep stirring, stirring, stirring.

An incantation for this lemon banishing wall of protection can be something like,

"As I stir this pot, allow this steam,
to fade away this philistine,
to make her vanish-banish-famish
gone from my life, my world, my realm,
be gone negative one, be gone trouble,
sit in your throne of karma
for only you to overwhelm
Be gone, be gone, be gone!"

Visualize your self surrounded by a beautiful lemon yellow cloud of steam, clean, beautiful, healthy, surrounding you. No one else. Your troublesome one has vanished, he or she no longer is in your life. And if they are, say you must work with them, give them no attention and no thought. Go about your work and your life as if they are a stranger which they now are. No anger, or negative energy, just neutral energy, neither good nor bad, just indifferent. That will keep karma from coming to you.

Oh and another thing. People have spoken to me about Karma. It is important to understand karma. If someone has betrayed you, lied to you, deceived you, dishonored you, or in some way disrespected you and you have responded with anger and even rage at their actions, behavior or words? I would not worry too much at the karmic feedback. We do not sit on a scale of balance where we are expected to be a Zen Master and always calm and chill and take every wrong dished out to us.

There are times when you must fight for the injustices and the wrongs that happen to you and in doing so you may say things that may be hurtful to others, but they must be weighed against what was done to you. When you have been betrayed, hurt and deceived and have responded with justified anger and rage, saying words fueled by pain and hurt, you have every right to fight back, and to tell those who have hurt you exactly what you feel about their actions.

Another spell that I call the rat trap spell, Hee hee. take a piece of paper. Write the name of the person tormenting you. And now remember, this is not just a person you do not like. So NO, you do not get to do this to the President of the United States or a Congressman because you do not like their politics, Please!! It does not work that way! That is a curse and it will only come back on you and will eventually take your magickal ability away from you. No, no, no! As I have said many times before we only do spells if we are being harmed by another, and whereas at one time in my life I had isolated that to physical harm, I now open it up to emotional, and mental as well as spiritual harm. When someone is causing you to lose sleep for nights, weeks or months at a time, if you are losing weight, and no ladies rapid weight loss over a short period of time (a few months) due to intense stress is not good) you find yourself crying every single day for weeks or months, then it is harm, mental and spiritual harm, then you need to step it up and see your doctor, or a therapist as well as do some magick for you.

For this rat trap spell, you write the name of the person. Their whole name as closely as you can. If they have a few names, middle, more than one last name, list them all. Write the word STOP. Put 3 or 6 or 9 rusty nails, small and sharp on the paper. Have a glass jar nearby with a top that can be screwed on or secured some how. Take a red string, or red thin cord. Now pour some glue onto the name and over the nails over the word STOP and the name of your tormentor. Then fold up the corners and make a pouch and tie the red string around the corners. Drop it into the glass jar. Secure the top. Take your index finger on your left hand, because we eliminate with our left and tap the top of the jar 9 times. Say "Be Gone STOP" and the person's name, 9 times.

Do this every single day for at least 9 days and better to do it for a full 28 days, a lunar month. You may burn a black candle next to the jar, and while you burn it, imagine  the person fading away. Soon if you forget to tap the jar one day, that is a good thing, the torment has left you. Put the jar away safely for several months to be sure that person will no longer target you and if and when you are sure after a year or more, that they have left your life, or left off tormenting you,  you can throw away the entire jar, never opening the jar again.

Another easy spell to do which will not harm anyone, because that is never the answer or the goal, but only to protect you and keep you from harm, is to freeze your tormentor. An old HooDoo spell, is to freeze a person who is speaking or trying to cause you harm with their words and actions. Hoodoo is an old traditional magickal system found in the South of the United States.  There are so many variations to be found on the freezing spell, some of the easier ones are:

Write the name of your tormentor on a slip of paper, twist it up and throw it in the freezer, just like that. Let them sit and freeze. But know, should you take them out someday, they will thaw out and they could decide to start in on you again if not enough time has passed. So be aware of the time.

Put their name on a slip of paper and place in a small jar or cup of water, the cup of water could have a bit of sugar, honey or syrup in it to make the person sweeter in regards to you if you wish.

You could also take an apple, and slice a slit like a mouth into the apple and place the slip of paper into the 'mouth' you created and place the apple and the paper in the mouth all into the freezer and leave it there.

All of these will work in freezing the persons harmful intentions towards you.

A last concept before we wrap up this discussion is the trusty mirror spell. I have recommended this to so very many people and this seems to work best with pesky neighbors or even better with empty houses or apartments next door to you that will soon be housed with new neighbors. Place a mirror on the outside of your house, but it CANNOT be broken!!! Or harmful energy will come back into your home. An unbroken mirror placed outside, against the foundation of your home, facing the house or apartment of the house where new neighbors will be moving in, or where you have difficult neighbors.

Clean the glass carefully, face it towards the neighbors property and leave it there. Try not to obstruct the view of the mirror if you can help it, and the way it works is the people that may have negative, harmful, unkind energies will look or glance at your property and any ill will will be reflected back towards them. The best part, if they look upon you with kindness and goodwill then that is what they will receive back. This spell seems to work best with keeping unwanted neighbors from moving in in the first place!!

These are a few ways of keeping those who are harmful and unkind from hurting you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually but if you truly feel you are in any immediate danger always, always call 911 first and foremost and let the police handle it. These magickal methods are used like we use magickal methods to aid us in healing and health spells, after we have seen a doctor and done the right things medically. NOT in lieu of.

I have been known to report stalkers and "emotionally disturbed persons" to my local police department, and I have recently, unfortunately had to deal with just such a person. Sadly this one was brought into my life by a trusted, dear friend, so you never know how they will enter your life, but once they have you need to rid your life of them quickly even if a friend needs to go with them. But you will not change the tormentor, you can only protect yourself and shield yourself, and move on with your life.

Our next discussion will discuss the concept of bringing in who and what you would like to be in the new year, our Pagan new year!!

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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