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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, September 11, 2017

Some Of My Psychic Experiences I Will Share With You

Good Evening My Witchy Readers,

Well, I suppose we are getting into that Witchy season, the crisp touch of fall is in the air, the evening air is brisk and cooling, dew is heavy in the mornings and leaves are already starting to turn here and there.  It's curious, but I find when at least three people present a concept to me, or ask a question of me or ask me to speak on a specific topic, then I give it serious consideration for a blog discussion. That has happened more and more lately, and this week has been no exception.

I have had a few people ask me about some of my psychic experiences, and having been a practicing witch as long as I have, well over 30 years, it is fairly easy to put my thoughts towards something I need to know and the image or answer flashes into my mind. Trust me, there are times this is not something you wish to play with unless you sincerely want the answer. Yet many times it is a harmless reinforcing feedback which helps quiet your critical mind and strengthens your psychic ability.

Just today for instance, I was working with a young witchling student of mine who is all the way across the country on the west coast and while we were texting and direct messaging, I mentioned I could use my crystal ball to see her if I wanted to. So I did. I saw intense pink and I said she was wearing pink today. She sent me a picture of the bright pink hair bow she was wearing. Once you develop your psychic ability and you become good with knowing your ability and not doubting it, it becomes more comfortable and you can know you can depend upon it, without a doubt.

My psychic ability started like many people's do, when I started going through puberty around the age of 12 or 13 and I would see things in my minds eye happen, maybe 20 or 30 minutes before they actually happened. Sometimes it would flow through my mind randomly, but more likely things would flash into my mind and they would come completely from left field with no rhyme or reason and until they actually happened I had no idea why I had thought of these things. Once I was outside reading a book, a typical pastime when I was a teenager, and my reading was interrupted by the image of a friend walking down my driveway. I looked up and there was no one coming down my driveway and this friend was not expected. About a half an hour later I looked up and there she came, dressed exactly as I had seen her.

Many times psychic flashes and insight are simple mundane events, not at all as exciting as seen on television or in movies, and I know most people would be disappointed to find this to be true. For instance just recently I received a call from a friend on his office phone and was curious as he normally calls me on his cell phone. When I asked, he said he had lost his cell phone. I was going to visit him a little later that day and he told me when I got to his office to call him on his office phone when I got there, so he could come out and meet me.

Well, I got to his place of business and called and he came out to see me. When he did I asked him, "Where is your car? He pointed across the lot. I told him, "Your phone is in your car's driver's seat." It wasn't a question, or a suspicion, I simply knew, his phone was in his drivers car seat. He said, "No, I really think I left it at the restaurant where I had lunch yesterday."  I told him to go check, just go look in your car, just to see. I waited in my car while he went over to his car. I saw him looking, and it looked like he reached his arm down in the car seat almost as far as it could go! After several moments, he straightened up and held his arm up and lo and behold he had his phone in his hand!

Like I said, mundane and nothing too exciting, but when you have a psychic flash like this, you have to believe it. You must go with it. Yes, at times you can be wrong, but the longer I have been a witch, the more I believe in what I do, the less doubt and skepticism I allow in, the more accurate I am, and actually the more psychic flashes I receive.  Yet, having said that, there have been times when I have received very intense, serious flashes that are much more life changing and less mundane.

 Back in 1992, I was in my kitchen, I seem to remember preparing some food, or dinner for later that day and I had a small kitchen television on. A weather forecast came on, and a short little news story about a small storm off the coast of Africa which meteorologists were watching as it had the chance of turning into a hurricane was reported. It really was more of a filler news story and nothing serious but even though I was not paying much attention to the television as I was involved in making the food, suddenly I was no longer in my kitchen!

I saw, and felt and smelled and heard the destruction of a major hurricane, a force like I had never seen or ever experienced overtook me. What I saw was total destruction, houses ripped apart like they were made of balsa wood, entire neighborhoods leveled as if a tornado had plowed through and I felt the fear and grief of the loss and the helplessness of knowing I could not do anything to stop this from happening. When I realized where I was, in my kitchen, I was on my knees and breathing heavy and trying to clear my mind and get my balance back. Then I stood up in a panic and picked up the phone only to freeze. Who would I call? What would I say? What would I report? I slowly put the phone back in it's cradle and sat down and realized there was simply nothing I could do. What I did not realize at that time, was the destruction of the hurricane, would not hit Southern New England as I believed, because that is where I am, and my psychic flash was so strong, it had to be here,  right?

No, it was Hurricane Andrew, and about 10 days later it hit Florida and wiped out Homestead, Florida and 44 people lost their lives and billions of dollars in damages was incurred. It was the worse Hurricane to ever hit Florida up to that point in recorded history.

This last story probably demonstrates the worse thing about having psychic ability. When as a psychic you "see" things you know will happen, or you know have happened, perhaps to someone or people close to you, and there is nothing you can do about them. Yes, at times if someone is close enough you can give them a head's up, but then again somethings are destined for a person to experience even if it is not comfortable or a nice experience and as much as you wish you could protect those you care about the most from the 'evils' of the world and the harmful energies that may surround them, at times you must simply stand back and allow them to experience what their souls need to experience. To allow them that growth experience, so that they may remember who they really are and they may in turn grow, become stronger and wiser from their experience. As a psychic that is the most difficult.

When we can see what harm surrounds a person, when we can see the dangers, pitfalls but for whatever reason we are not in a position to help them. It is important as a psychic you do not take responsibility for this, though. It is not your responsibility to save them. You may have given some a mild warning, or perhaps a tarot card reading which brought to light some information, but the rest is up to them. Whether they listen or not, is not on you, at all. Leave it aside. All you can do, if you care about them, if they are a close friend or family member, is send them blessings and hope that one day they "wake up and remember who they are in relation to what is going on in their life".

We cannot save everyone, nor are we supposed to. We cannot warn everyone of what may befall them, nor are we supposed to. I advise students to never, ever approach someone, a stranger, that they may pass in a store or on the street that they get a strong psychic impression about, even if they know they are right about what they are "seeing" or sensing, as that will just freak out the other person and we, the psychic do not have the right or permission to do that. You may only do this with those closest to you, if the person is close to you and trusts you to be their psychic or witch advisor. Or if someone comes to you professionally and pays for your services.

For instance, I recently met a very close friend's new 'acquaintance' let's say, to keep some anonymity. I was introduced, and she shook my hand, then I sat across a table from her and we conversed for a short amount of time, maybe 10-15 minutes. Well, many psychics use tarot cards to 'read' people, but honestly, they are simply tools to allow us to 'turn on' and then 'turn off' when we need to. But we have the ability to do so without the tools. I wanted to know more about her as my friend is very important to me and I had sensed 'issues' so I psychically 'peeked' to see if she was sincere and cared about my friend and wanted the best and would not hurt this person who I had been so close to for a decade. Truly all I needed was to touch her, which she did by offering her hand to shake and then I picked up her 'energies' while chatting.

 It was unfortunate that I saw her true intentions, and she was only interested in the financial gain she could get from the relationship and cared nothing for this person's feelings or inner soul. Interestingly she picked up that I could sense her true intentions because although nice and pleasant at our initial meeting she quickly turned bitter, sour and hateful, within three days which is significant, and then her true face was revealed and her hateful self was displayed. She quickly tried to turn the tables and created all sorts of drama and anger trying to make me the antagonist, not realizing that in the decade my friend and I have known each other that we had never had a cross word, an argument, or even a disagreement, ever.

So it would be pretty obvious to anyone, with our type of friendship, who was really stirring the cauldron. Yet I was not able to tell my friend as this person needs to determine for themselves and to see what is before them. I had previously given them a warning to be careful, but that is all. I am not even worried about this blog discussion as I know my friend seldom, if ever, reads my blog.

So again, even when it involves a close friend and you see the potential disaster, you may give them a fair warning, which I had in this case. Then step away and allow them to make the decision which best serves them. As a soul walks their path, there are times they need to experience hardship, grief, disappointment, betrayal, anger, jealousy and all sorts of hateful energies directed at them, should that be their soul's choice. We may not understand their choice, but that is not up to us to decide. We must allow them to do what they choose. We can make a different choice for ourselves.

So, my best advise is when a simple, mundane psychic flash comes to you, go with it. Maybe you're wrong, but maybe you're not! If you are reading and following my blogs and working on your witchcraft. Then you should have a Book of Shadows by now. A Book of Shadows is simply a notebook of your work, your experiences, dreams, psychic flashes, recipes, rituals any and all magickal workings. It can be kept in your computer or in may be in an actual notebook you can take with you. Keeping track of all of your magickal experiences and workings is the most important thing you can do.

My second bit of advise is to be patient.  The effective and most powerful witch, is the witch who is patient. She does not rush her magick, but allows it to unravel and to work in it's time as dictated by The Goddess, time, the Moon, and all of the elements. Like a fine wine or perfectly crafted Christmas pudding it may take weeks or months but your magickal ability will develop and your magick will manifest as it is meant to. Do not rush it.

In conclusion, if you wish to develop your psychic ability, the best way to do so is to read about the magickal world, open your mind to it's awesome limitless possibilities and work with the tarot, pendulums, runes, crystal balls, scrying, any methods of divination will help open that doorway in your mind. The more you work with the psychic world the more open your psychic mind will become. Blessings, Ms. Faith

The following photograph is the group, those who wished to be photographed, at the lecture at the Victim's Memorial in Salem Mass, that I conducted this past Sunday September 10, 2017.

Ms. Faith and the Witches of Enchantments at the 1692 Victim's Memorial in Salem Village, Mass

This is the newly discovered site of Gallow's Hill, the place of the  hanging executions as a result of the 1692 witch trials in Salem Village, Mass. Just discovered last year (2016) by historians and archaeologists, this newly created memorial,  memorializes the 19 people hung on Gallow's Hill. Located at 7 Proctor St. Salem, Mass, people may park on  the street to visit this memorial.  Myself and another High Priestess went with me to visit this site and to lay flowers down in memoriam, but it was a disappointment when I contacted the Salem visitor's center the day prior to find the location. Having gone to great lengths to create this memorial, we were told they would not give us the location, they do not want people going to this place. ???

Then why have a memorial? Isn't that the entire reason to have a memorial, to remember those who it memorializes? Well, no matter. It is easily Googled in this day of modern technology. We spent a total of 10 minutes here, we laid a bouquet of flowers, said a prayer and we departed. It just feels that after over 300 years those who were persecuted, accused, executed and then left un-buried (because they were not allowed a Christian burial and that was the only type of burial available back then) the un-buried bodies left to rot and be devoured by wild animals, finally to have their bones scattered and forgotten, even with a beautiful memorial there are still those who simply do not want others to give them the respect they deserve. It is a sad statement that still the witches are not being given the respect they so very much deserve after hundreds of years of being misunderstood, feared and persecuted.

But we are not going away .  .  .  for those of you who think we have, oh no .  .  .  we are never going away!  We have been here long before you came along and will be here long after you have gone!

The Witch is here to stay!!!

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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