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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Witches and Healing . . . One Witch's Opinion

Good Afternoon my favorite Witchlings,

Now, to start off, some of you might enjoy this discussion and some might absolutely not. That's O.K. But the following is my personal opinion and views on witches and healing, that I have developed over the last 30 years.

Nowadays, it seems like the very second someone steps onto the witches path they want to heal others, or cast spells for others. Well, right off, that is the wrong attitude to have. Being a witch is a personal path and should only be embarked upon only because you wish to bring the magick into your life. That you desire the changes that walking a magickal path can bring to you and the desire to make those changes, thus changing your life for the better for you. It is a singularly, personal, private undertaking that should have YOU first and foremost the focus of all your work.

It is perfectly wonderful to want to celebrate the Sabbats or Esbats with other like minded, witchy ones, with each adding to the celebration and enjoying fellowship with each other. But one must be careful of the path they tread. For instance, this past weekend I conducted a lecture on crystal grids and how to construct and the use of them.  Thee were many questions and one woman was pretty determined to find out how to construct a crystal grid to heal others. She even said "Yes, but I have the best intentions. I know they need healing." Well, .  .  she didn't like my answers, but I was honest with her.

First I told her, if you are of the mind to do a healing spell for someone else you MUST have their permission and they must know you are doing spell-work for them. SPELL-WORK. A big, magickal and for some scary word. She didn't like that answer. I could tell she wanted to do healing for those she felt needed it, without their involvement. I told her that was considered Black magick. Period. If you do conduct healing for another with their permission, please stick to the magickal healing i.e. burning candles, charging crystals and perhaps burning incense.

Now, take this into consideration for a moment. Take the concept of getting sick and dying. Many who follow this path understand that we are of three 'bodies' if you will. Body, Mind and Soul. Many times, when the body gets sick, the mind absolutely wants to heal. Few people enjoy being sick. But, the Soul is really driving the bus. And at times, we get sick with something, that will be the catalyst for our transitioning out of this physical life into the next realm. That's a fancy way of saying many times we get sick and die. The great truth is .  .  .  we all HAVE to die, and shed this physical shell we call a body. If you think about it, there's an awful lot of 'stuff' going on, surrounding this transition. It is a 'sacred agreement' between our body, our mind our soul and the great divinity or God/Goddess.  Now imagine that someone else decides to get involved, without your permission! Even doctors and surgeons need your permission to try to heal you and sometimes it works and sometimes other powers, energies have a greater mission in store for you.

Now, let's say we're not so terminal that we are dying, but just don't feel good. Again, without that persons permission, you should not do anything magickally for them. Take a love spell for example. Say someone at the office you work with, but you wouldn't dream of dating them or even going to lunch with them, decided to do a love spell with you as their focus. How violated and inappropriate would that feel to you? I bet a lot. It's the same with healing or any magick really. Even the ancient witches knew that they needed to be approached by someone and back then be paid for their spell work. Today, because of the proliferation of charlatans and con men, witches do not do healing or spell work of any kind for others, for money. NOT if they are legitimate and honest. To charge and tell someone you can do a spell for them or heal them in any fashion, is being a charlatan. No one can guarantee a spell will work, not myself nor even the most advanced and practiced witches in the world.

The best way to ensure your spell will manifest is to do it yourself.  And continuing on as far as healing spells are concerned, most witches I know are not doctors. There are laws in the United States, at least, that prohibit people from doing healing without a proper medical license. I know many people are out there doing Reiki healings, and crystal healings and herbal healings etc. etc.  And in the over 30 years I have been practicing witch craft I have seen all of the above category of practitioner, either arrested or worse, sued for failing to actually heal anyone. Also I have seen 'schools' that have taught students, for a tuition, healing studies, get closed down in this state and in others. They might be around for a few years, but then the authorities come around and shut them down. For good reason. If you are NOT a doctor or a natural-path, or a holistic doctor with a degree or a pharmacist, then you run the very serious risk of being in trouble one day.

Here at Enchantments we do not teach any healing arts, only the magickal and we do not encourage any customers or clients to use any of the products we sell for healing purposes. My students actually sign a contract which states they will not engage in any of the above practices while they are students of Enchantments. In all of my years of being a practicing witch I have found, very rarely, that I ever needed to do a healing spell. I use competent doctors, acupuncture, natural-path and herbal remedies, but all come from state medically approved sources. And I do magick. I can do magick to help the medicine work better, to help my body heal faster (using candle magick) and I work closely with the Goddess to help me find the right practitioners to help me along my path.

Do I always get the healing I want? No. Not always. And then, when that is the case, I trust that there is something greater than myself at work and I try to respect that.

So, spend your time learning the magickal properties of plants, herbs, flowers and grasses. The magickal properties of resins, herbaceous and woody plants, and practice the magick. That should keep you deeply immersed and studying for several years. Then if you should still feel the need to heal others, and it's just not being on a power trip, so you can show off your magickal prowess, then I encourage you to enter a medical school where you can follow the path of the healer. Some might shy away at that, because it takes a lot of time and a lot of money. Of course it does, and it should. Taking a couple of Reiki classes or an herbal studies course and then thinking you can go out and heal the masses? I call it what it is, a Power Trip. If it's not, then you'll spend the time and money getting a real medical education.

In conclusion, there is one very real reason why one should get a medical degree before trying to heal others. Because over the years many, many people have been injured, and have died from so called alternative healing practices conducted by those who did not get the proper training nor have the proper experience to treat others. People die every day in this country, having gone to 'quacks' who promised to heal them and then a mistake was made or the wrong treatment given. For a simple example, did you know that by drinking red raspberry leaf tea a pregnant woman can miscarry? By giving a small child white willow bark tea for pain can cause Reyes Syndrome disease and they can die?

Natural does not mean safe, nor does it mean effective. Remember poison ivy is natural.  And if you eat the green plant of a tomato plant you will die a painful death. There is a lot to know on this topic, more than a simple witches training. So work on your magick and leave the healing to the experts.

Peace and Happiness

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