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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Let Us Burn A Candle Today

Good Afternoon my Witchy Readers,

Oh my wands and cauldrons! There is so much non-magickal "stuff" happening in the world today! From natural disasters, to human caused disasters (The water problems in Flint Michigan and the man created wild fires in Canada for example), to political gunk, to animal abuse, child abuse, domestic abuse, it goes on and on. It can get quite overwhelming and even depressing. What is a witch to do?

Well, let me tell you. I do know people who have decided to simply "not watch the news, too depressing." Yes, that is one approach, but it won't have any affect on the goings on in the world. While limiting our exposure couldn't hurt, a witch besides being green, natural, earth wise and educated, is or should be, concerned with the news in the world. We are considered by many ancient scholars, to be the Stewards of the Earth. We are Her spokespeople. We represent Her and need to stand up for Her. We simply can't do that if we stick our head's in the sand and hope that the bad "stuff" doesn't come our way.

While the "patriarchs", the Governmental politicians are concerned with War and boundaries and economics and such. It is the witch that is concerned with the environment, the oceans, the forests and the fields. We care about the pollution of the Earth, the sustainability of the Earth, the animals that inhabit the Earth alongside us. Some of us do not call ourselves witch. Some like the term hippy, or environmentalist. Conservators or Naturalists. They are all good terms. And we all care about the same things. The Earth and it's people, our survival and our lives and the satisfaction living our lives brings us. Some of us raise families, some of us raise fur babies. Some of us hold fundraisers for good causes, some of us conduct social events like cleaning up litter alongside the highways or feed the hungry at local soup kitchens. We may collect non perishable foods, grow gardens and pick blueberries when in season to make a homemade pie. Just being out in nature gives us a feeling of happiness and peace.

But, sometimes, things get bigger than we can do anything about. Or do they? There is a secret, magickal tool I use often. That is candle magick. Candles have been used magickally for thousands and thousands of years.  Of course, initially the candle was used to bring light into the darkness, and that in and of itself was a magickal thing for ancient mankind.

Then the energy of the candle flame was felt and a belief grew that by lighting a candle, as an offering to the Gods and Goddesses that wishes and prayers would be granted. The ancient Greeks burned candles for the Goddess Artemis over 5,000 years ago and after making a wish, blew the candle out and ate a small crescent shaped cake. This was the origins of our birthday candle wish that so many still do today.

Well, you also can do candle magick. The simplest way is to take a candle, a small candle and hold it in your hands. Close your eyes and imagine it glowing with a bright white energy, as if lit from within. See the end result, the thing you wish to have happen when your spell manifests. Then after a few minutes, open your eyes, place your candle in a candle holder and light it. Allow it to burn until it goes out. If it is a large candle, when you need to leave or go to sleep, snuff the flame out with a spoon or candle snuffer. Do not blow it out. That only works for birthday candle wishes!

We can burn a candle for many, many things. When burning my candles I also ask the Goddess to help me with the situation at hand. Then I leave it up to Her to make things right.  Some of the candle colors you could burn for your magickal purpose or spell work are:

Brown candles for grounding, house cleansing, animal magick (whether an animal is sick or being abused) seeking balance, eliminate indecisiveness, and to find lost items.

Orange candles are strong and create sudden change. It is a brave and bold witch who dares to burn an orange candle. It is good to burn before important business meetings, before a wedding ceremony and to bring needed sudden change into your life and circumstances.

Purple candles are burned to help alleviate negative karma and negative karmic kickback. We all make mistakes and if it involves someone else then karma will be attached. Just making a mistake on our own, that doesn't affect another will have no karmic feedback. It must affect another living being. When that happens, asking forgiveness and burning a purple candle will help the situation. They will also give you spiritual protection, and help you reconcile a situation on the spiritual plane.

Black candles. Many think burning a black candle has to do with summoning evil forces. The witch knows this is pure Hollywood and it does not mean this at all. When burning a black candle, though, it is serious business. We burn black candles to give us protection from harm, both physical, emotional and spiritual. You can also burn the black candle to banish unwanted energies from your life and to help bring a complete and definite end to a situation.

For legal issues - I have seen yellow, orange and brown candles all burned for help in a legal situation. The best is a combination of all three. Burn all three colors, one candle for each color, together, touching each other if possible. they might well melt into one single burning candle and that is very good, when that happens. They can bring positive legal decisions and actions to you.

These are some of the lesser known candle colors and magickal purposes I have written about. There are many colors and many, many magickal purposes you can work with. Start off simply and easily. There is no need for complex, confusing candle magick. Start with the basics and take it from there.
Happy Spell Casting, Ms. Faith

Peace and Happiness

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