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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kitchen Witchery for the Upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday

Good Afternoon,

Food has always been a focus in humans lives, as it is necessary for survival. Over the centuries, ritual, magick and spell casting have become interwoven with the harvesting, preparation and serving of food stuffs to our family and friends. Magick at it's very base is used for protection, healing, drawing love and abundance and for creating the life people want to live.

It's no surprise to see magick in and around the kitchen and dining table, especially at large holiday feasts.  But would we always recognize the magick for what it is? Maybe, not always.

Firstly, when getting started in the kitchen, wash hands thoroughly and dry them, then rub or clap hands together to get your energy and magickal ability awake and ready to go. You can also have a candle burning some where in the kitchen to give extra ummph to your magickal workings. Of course candles on the dining table for love, abundance and happiness are also a good idea. And people won't think anything strange about having candles on the holiday dining table. Be sure to hold the candles for a few moments and in your mind's eye see the magickal goal, like a happy loving family gathering at your holiday feast table. Then carve magickal symbols like hearts for love in the wax surface of the candle and anoint with a small drop of olive oil, rubbed in very good, before lighting.

When stirring in any bowl or pot be sure to stir deosil, clockwise, and concentrate on stirring love, and wanted energies into the ingredients you are stirring. Kitchen witchery takes a lot of visualization, so as you cook allow yourself to day dream, if you will. "See" the end result of your cooking. Which could be a healthy, happy, loving family gathering.

Of course, doing a little research on the magickal properties of ingredients you will be using is helpful for knowing the magickal energies you can add to a recipe. For instance, pumpkin pie. All of the ingredients found in pumpkin pie, i.e. the pumpkin puree, the cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, sugar, molasses, all combine to make a love 'potion' for a man. Men simply are drawn to this combination of ingredients.  Whereas the complimentary pie for causing women to feel loving feelings is apple pie.

When fashioning a pie, and placing a top crust on the pie you need to cut little slices in the dough to let steam escape while baking. When you do this you can cut little runes or symbols to help you bring protection, love or abundance to those who eat the pie.

Having a pretty bowl with fresh citrus fruits, like lemons, limes, oranges and tangerines and kumquats banish negativity and unwanted energies from the home, while having a fruit display with a pineapple on top is a magickal culinary way of welcoming guests to your home. Be sure to hold each fruit for a few moments and with eyes closed see the fruit glowing with white light energy and after you empower each fruit put them together in the display. They are fine to eat afterwards, no worries!

When using dried spices and herbs in cooking be sure to 'wake' up their dormant magickal energies before using. Place the desired amount of spices or herbs in the palm of your non-dominant hand, with your hand cupped to make a bowl of your hand to hold the spices. With the index finger of your dominant hand mix the spices and visualize white light energy flowing from your finger into the spices/herbs in your hand. Mix deosil only, for a few moments, then pour the spices/herbs into the dish you are cooking, or proceed to use them as you need to.  The inherent, magickal properties of the spices/herbs will awaken and bring those properties to the foods you are preparing.

You can take a large quartz crystal and place it on or near your stove for food to taste better.

A witch's kitchen should never be without a lunar calendar or chart showing the phases of the moon and it's movement through the wheel of the zodiac.

A pot of garden basil grown in your kitchen keeps your home safe from evil forces and negative energies.

Offerings made to the Goddess/God are always a welcome gesture when preparing and then consuming foods. A simple but sincere offering is a piece of good quality bread dipped in a bowl of olive oil and then salt and placed on a small plate as an offering to the Divine in thanks for the food we have in abundance on our table this holy day (holiday). A small cordial glass with a small measure of wine can be placed next to the salted bread as thanks for the drink which staves off thirst. After the meal the bread can be placed outside in the garden and the wine spilled upon the bare ground to complete the offering.

These are just a few ideas you might wish to incorporate into your holiday feast preparations for this upcoming Thanksgiving feast. You can add your own magickal touches as they come to you, for the longer you practice the more easily the magick will come.

Have a Blessed and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday! Ms. Faith

Peace and Happiness

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