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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gratitude is a Vital Component to Any and All Magickal Workings

Good Afternoon,

I really hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday. Today I want to discuss with you a component that we find to be the basis of the Thanksgiving season, gratitude. Many will incorporate a moment of giving thanks and gratitude before their holiday dinner, even if they do not normally do this at other times of the year.

Gratitude is also a vital component to your successful magickal workings. I believe there are those who cast spells and practice magick without bringing in the aspect of the Divine, but those that do are simply not utilizing the fullest aspects of magickal practice. For the Divine is the basis of magick and what we send out is returned to us, but enhanced and made complete by the grace of the Goddess and the God.

So, we give thanks and gratitude to the Goddess and the God for the manifestation of our spells cast, for accepting our offerings (which are tangible signs of gratitude) and for blessing our circles and rituals.

The basis of all spells cast, circles cast and rituals held should be love and gratitude. For what we send out will return to us. When we send our love and gratitude our spells which we cast to draw to us love, money (abundance), protection, healing, tranquility, etc. will return to us with love from the Divine.

For, you see, The Divine (The Goddess and The God) ONLY works from a place of love and acceptance. Don't make the mistake of blaming the woes of the human population on the Divine. We have created all of the Earth's problems ourselves. WWe have only our selves to blame.

If you find yourself being moved to cast a spell due to emotion that is not loving, i.e. anger, hatred, vengeance, jealousy, pettiness, or fear, please be aware that those energies will overcome the magickal workings you practice and those energies will be what you will receive back to you. And to do a spell under the above, less than loving emotions, know that the spell you direct at another will do absolutely nothing to our intended 'target', but will return only to you, and with devastating consequences.

For to understand the science of witchcraft, you must understand the metaphysics. To feel that, 'I will send out a loving spell so it returns to me', but "I'll send out a destructive, harmful spell to someone else and it won't return back to me', just does not make any sense.  It is the same as expecting gravity to work sometimes and not at others!

If you have not been incorporating love and gratitude into your spell casting, your potion making, your candle spells, your rituals and circle castings, try it for a change and see how the energy increases and magnifies. See how much stronger your spells manifest and how much better your life becomes on so many levels.

Practice witchcraft, by all means, but practice love and gratitude, right along with it!

Peace and Happiness!

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