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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, February 20, 2015

What a Wicked, Wet and Haunted Week at Enchantments!

 Good Afternoon,

Well, this has certainly been a crazy week at Enchantments! I started my week, on Monday, by coming up to the store (which is closed on Sundays and Mondays) to feed the cats of Enchantments. I let myself into the store and as I turn on the lights I heard what can only be described as a waterfall in the tarot room! A large, gushing, torrential waterfall!

I looked in the tarot room and saw that the ceiling had fallen down and water was just gushing from the ceiling! I quickly went downstairs and shut off the main water shut off. Then I called 911. The place quickly filled up with firemen and the building inspector promptly shut us down. They turned off the electricity and I soon found myself with a lot of work to do.

I called a plumber and he was there in a half an hour. The electrician was there in a couple of hours. In the meantime I noticed, we had been very lucky. No merchandise was affected and the offices, upstairs classroom and ritual room were bone dry. The only room affected was my tarot card reading room.
Even the basement drained the water and dried up within a few hours! We didn't even need to suck up the water, lucky that!

Well, we hired a contractor, did the insurance thing and started to clean up and put things back together. Then I noticed something two days ago. I was upstairs feeding the cats and thinking about the damage to the building and all that it was taking to put things back in order. The light above my head flicked off.  The other lights stayed on, but that one light went out and I thought it odd because it's a multiple light florescent fixture. But I continued doing what I was doing. Then I went into the office and the television where I watch my video surveillance of the store downstairs, which had been turned off, turned itself on. I found myself watching the downstairs cameras of every room. I could feel I was not alone. Someone else was there with me watching. I felt a feeling of concern and anxiety (when I had been feeling better myself because everything was being taken care of, and all my subcontractors were lined up and getting the work done.)

I started to talk out loud, saying that everything was going to be O.K. That work was being done and we would all be fine. I felt as if someone was listening intently to my words. Then today, the ceiling has been replaced and we were able to open for business after having been closed most of the week. There were no customers. I could feel that sense of anxiety again. I checked with myself and I'm feeling fine, I could sense it around me. I started talking out loud again, saying "We're back in business and things are going to be O.K. We just need a first customer to make the energy flow, and we'll be fine."

Well, I no sooner said that then within 5 minutes the bells on the front door rang and in walked our first customer, needing magickal advice and magickal supplies.  The energy feels just fine now. I will wait for the contractors to finish the job tomorrow, just some baseboard trim needing to be put in place, and when they're gone I will smudge with a nice, new smudge stick! That should settle the energy and make things happy again! I already feel the Spirits of Enchantments feeling better and less anxious.

It will take a day or two to put my tarot room back together with all the cool, magickal, some say spooky decor and paraphernalia I use to decorate it. But we are sooooooo close. But tonight is supposed to be 5 degrees below zero again, so I will keep the heat up and allow a trickle of water to flow in every sink. Just to keep the water elements happy! 

If you're able, do stop by Enchantments to see the new tarot room and to say hi! We're open tomorrow, Saturday the 21st of February, but for students of Enchantments we will resume magickal studies classes next Saturday, February 28th.

Wishing you all Warmth, Sunshine, Peace and Happiness!

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