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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Some Exciting Speakers coming to Enchantments!

Good Afternoon,

Here at Enchantments we are already gearing up for some informative and exciting speakers that will be here in the next few weeks and months.

The first speaker we have is Grand Master Joel Waldron who will be here Saturday February 21st at 10 am. He will be discussing Conversations with God, a series of books by author Neale Donald Walsh. If you're Pagan bent these books are right up your alley. Don't let the name God fool you. This is not a religious discussion, it's more of a discussion on the laws of the Universe and how the world really, metaphysically works. Thee is no charge for this discussion. A light breakfast of pastries and coffee will be served.The discussion goes until noon.

Grand Master Joel Waldron

Our next discussion will be with Mr. Christopher Penzak, a well known Wiccan published author of several books on Witchcraft and Wicca. Mr. Penzak will be here the evening of April 30th from 6-8:30. He will be discussing The Nine Maidens. Seek the mysteries of the nine maidens who appear in myth and witchy folklore. They manifest as the nine maidens of Awnnwn, warming the cauldron of the underworld with their breath, as well as the nine sisters of Avalon. They are the nine witches of Gloucester and the nine maidens of the well. They are the nine Marys and the nine muses. The nine sisters are teachers and tutors, healers and guides. Come and experience the nine sisters of the Other world through Celtic, Christian and Greek imagery in ritual and guided vision. See which one speaks to you and ask them for healing, wisdom, knowledge and power.  There is a $35 charge for this lecture and space is limited. Please reserve your space by paying for your seat in advance at the sales counter of Enchantments.

Mr. Christopher Penzak

These lectures are open to anyone who wishes to attend. I look forward to seeing you there! Ms. Faith

Peace and Happiness 

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