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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Spirit Totem Animal this Month has been the Black Vulture

 Good Afternoon,

There may be times in your day to day life when you come across an animal usually in the wild that gives you a moment to pause. An animal or bird that is. When you see an animal, especially more than once in a given time period, it usually means that animal has a message for you.

For me, at this time, it is the black vulture. I first saw a black vulture a week or so ago. I mean for the first time in my life. I was driving down the road to the post office and as I passed a small wooded area I saw a large black bird, the size of a wild turkey, feeding off of some carrion in the road. I knew it was a vulture, I just knew it. I looked it up later when I got home and realized I was correct. As I returned from the post office a few minutes later and then saw five vultures all coming out of the woods to feed on the dead animal in the road.

Then again today, I was passing another wooded area, in a different part of town, and was driving slow and I saw some large black shapes in the trees. I slowed down even further and saw about six or more black vultures sitting in the trees.  They were large and looked very ominous, silently sitting, watching .  .  .  waiting.

Having seen these black vultures for the first time ever in the last few weeks, made me aware that they were acting as a spirit totem animal for me and that they wished to let me know something. I looked up the magical property of black vulture and found a lot of information.

Vulture deals with life and death and new beginnings. It represents vital energy, year round. I believe vulture is telling me that my energy, that has waned over the past few years is on the upswing and that I will be getting my energy back. I have been feeling very good and healthy this past year and I think vulture is confirming this is going to continue.

Vulture also deals with connection to the Mother Goddess, whom I work with on a regular basis. For many years I would cast spells to make changes in my life always thanking the Goddess for helping me with them. Now I am at a place in my life where I cast less spells, I have arranged my life as I like it, and I simply commune with Goddess as one would an old friend.  I think vulture coming into my life at this time also speaks to this. 

The vulture has many magickal properties and can speak to you of many things. Here's a short list:
  • Sense of allegiance
  • Very ernest
  • Perfectly patient (I'd been working on this one also!)
  • Highly tolerant
  • Looking to renew everything
  • Making everybody equal
  • Cleaning the environment
  • Acute perception
  • Highly protective
  • Immune to heat
  • Out of the ordinary
  • Overtly resourceful
These are just some of the areas vulture may have messages for you, if it shows up in  your life. I am excited to walk along for a while with vulture and finding out the areas I can explore with it's help and guidance.

Pay attention to the animals and birds that pop up in your day to day life and do a little research to see what messages they may hold in store for you!

Peace and Happiness and Happy New Year!!!

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